Saturday, May 30, 2015

Harbingers Of Things to Come?

     Given Barack Hussein Obama’s propensity for ignoring the Constitution, I’ve occasionally wondered whether we can be certain that he’ll leave office peacefully on January 20, 2017. Inasmuch as it’s now established beyond even the shadow of a doubt that Obama was mentored by Communist pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, we have good reason to believe that he has no attachment of any sort to either the Constitution or other American norms.

     The esteemed CM Blake posted the following at his site just yesterday:

     Now, when such a man, having risen to the pinnacle of executive power while succeeding for several years in concealing his hatred for America and its Constitutional basis, learns that an obscure video has surfaced that “blows his cover,” he might just get...panicky. Especially when there’s a rising sentiment of resistance to his tyrannies:

     There is no need for a leader unless there is an army to lead. On this 9/11/2013 there is no leader, but the army is there – and building. The Two Million Biker ride came about in protest of the Million Muslim march, but make no mistake, it is much more than that. It is one “clan” making it crystal clear, on behalf of we, the people, that we are ready to take on any and all bent on destroying this country.

     Which makes it uncomfortably plausible that the lurid “official” story of the “biker war” in Waco, Texas might be a wee bit off-center:

     It turns out that the ATF claimed they had an anonymous tip that the dreaded Black Widow biker gang—you remember those scoundrels from the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose—was going to arrive looking for trouble. It’s too bad Clyde wasn’t around to throw those guys in the used French fry oil tank. The ATF was there with their Federal guidance to make sure that justice was swift and absolute.

     No shots were fired by anyone inside the restaurant. No shots were fired by anyone at the police. When bikers decided to leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot, the police began shooting full-auto equipped M-16’s into the crowd. Patrons began diving under tables and screaming for their lives. Little waitresses dropped their trays and ran with terror in their eyes behind the chef’s counter. A twice decorated Viet Nam War veteran was shot in the head and neck, although he was a highly respected pacifist, was unarmed and not involved in any of the scuffle inside the Twin Peaks establishment. Eight more US citizens were gunned down in cold blood. More than 500 rounds were fired by police, hitting cars, buildings, and injuring other innocent bystanders who happened to look like bikers. Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot; one in the neck and one in the head fired by expert police marksmen.

     Within an hour, the police press statement belched lies about “criminal biker gangs,” dealing drugs and other things that never happened; not once in the 18 years bikers have been meeting peacefully at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant. The police spokesman first mentioned hundreds of weapons confiscated, including chains that connected wallets to belt loops. Then they changed it to dozens. Then, the facts showed there were fewer than ten, and one was still holstered by a licensed concealed carry American, who had undergone an extensive background check and was found to be spotless. His bond was placed at an unreasonable $1 million. Of the 170 bikers arrested for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, less than a third had any criminal record. Three of them had drafted a new piece of legislation about biker safety, and have since been awarded by the City Counsel for safety awareness. Of course, they couldn’t be there to accept the award, because they were in jail.

     To this moment, no waitresses, cooks, or patrons have been interviewed by the press. Witness intimidation is in full force making sure no one says anything about what really happened. All surveillance video has been classified and is currently being edited by law enforcement professionals to make sure no officers are charged with murder. This was clearly a premeditated, Federal assault designed to kill first, and arrest the survivors.

     I have no corroboration for the above. However, the author, Brooks Agnew, posted it under his real name and is apparently willing to stand behind it.

     LadyRaven’s conclusions, while still notional, are chilling:

     Remembering the first Million Bike Ride On DC, the reception nationwide was extremely positive. The message was beautifully clear to the government– don’t be messing with our country!

     The ride is scheduled again for this September 11th. Jade Helm 15 exercises will be full blown by that time.

     Tarnish the biker reputation now. Slap the individual biker with fear of death or million dollar bails and we might be expected to see a very low turnout and a public less trusting of the 9/11 Army....

     The number one fact that sets me on this thinking is that of the nine dead we know how seven of them died. Four had head wounds, another wound in the neck. That is some mighty fancy shooting there. So I am just saying folks, just saying.

     Don’t ask “Am I paranoid for suspecting that this might be so?” Ask rather, “Am I paranoid enough?

     There have been many stories about the steady militarization of local police forces, with reports of consequent police behavior that more resembled an army of occupation than traditional American law enforcement. My Esteemed Co-Conspirator Colonel Bunny feels these incidents have been blown out of proportion – that the overwhelming majority of local police remain trustworthy servants of the public peace. He might well be correct. It’s really not an arguable point, as the evidence for either proposition is lacking. But incidents of mass violence in which law enforcement – local, state, or federal (e.g., ATF, FBI) – is conspicuously involved must be publicized, and the possibility that those incidents were premeditated must always be kept in mind.

     Given that American bikers are visibly willing to stand forward in defense of freedom, and that they’ve succeeded on more than one occasion at massing many thousands in one place for that purpose, they constitute a powerful potential source of resistance to any oppressive force. Consider this example, a blatant, defiant response to Muslim terrorism. Then consider this recent report of a reaction against it, and ask yourself on which side the “authorities” are more likely to range themselves.

     "I Will Stand With the Muslims Should the Political Winds Shift In An Ugly Direction." (source)

     Keep your powder dry, Gentle Readers. It’s looking ever more likely that you’ll need it quite soon.


Anonymous said...

If you have evidence that the police fired without provocation and are guilty of what you claim you would be doing a service to publish a carefully detailed report of the evidence supporting your article. This would provide the basis for a criminal prosecution.

Lacking that I believe the conclusions that can be drawn are obvious.

Col. B. Bunny said...

If Mr. Agnew is correct, this is an incident that will rank with WacoI and Ruby Ridge. I have a little skepticism on the peaceableness of the Bandidos and the Coassacks but refrain from commenting on stuff I know nothing about. I stand by my views about the vast majority of cops as being lawful and competent. Allegations of widespread police brutality have been a specialty of the left for many years so I take such claims with a grain of salt even now.

That said, I have a healthy appreciation of the difficulty in controlling our public officials. The famous Bivens case that allowed for recovery of civil damages for police misconduct was decided long ago and involved the police entering and tearing up the wrong house in the execution of a search warrant.

That said, until now we never had a president with the stink of communism on him and it is not possible to discount so much evidence of the militarization of the police and so many instances of SWAT team excess.

The times are so odd and government at all levels so obviously indifferent to and untouchable by the electorate that it is no longer possible to reflexively assume official good will and lawful conduct, as I have tended to do in the past, though with good reason. We're not in Kansas anymore and it's clear that our politics are in the grip of the bankers and the super rich. So many things are just plain odd (such as the currency of the absurd political terms "diversity" and "multiculturalism") that no citizen can fail to look at these events with great skepticism. We are already at the unimaginable tipping point of a demographic inundation of white America. Why should we discount the imminence of a tipping point after which liberty is extinguished? This is most certainly not an empty question. Liberty is the minority position today.

Btw, O'Reilly doesn't think any of the damage being done by Obama is intentional.

Phillip said...

Two thoughts. Maybe the Left's public face of antipathy toward police is part of the Trojan horse, to keep the Right supporting the instrument of its own destruction. But, then again, what is really Left or Right any longer? It really IS getting down to Liberty and Tyranny, as it always seems to, everywhere and every time.

Reg T said...

I am a former San Diego police, going through their academy back in 1979. Back then I will say that most of us were there because we wanted to help keep people safe. My beat included Pacific Beach, where a lot of bikers hung out. While we had officers who would hassle them every chance they got, some of us got along with them, simply by treating them fairly and not harassing them. I remember one time when I was looking for a missing child, and a number of the local bikers helped search the beach area until the child was located.

At the same time, two guys in my academy class were racists, with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood. I almost got into a fight with one of them, because he had been calling a black guy in our class "nigger", and telling him he had nor right to become a cop.

I knew a number of other officers who we called "felony cops", because they would ignore routine calls for service, but respond to every felony call they could, in the hope they would be able to shoot a "bad guy". Most of them would not have hurt an innocent person, but they lived for the "hot" calls where they might get to use their firearm.

Today, it has swung the other way. We were "peace officers" concerned with keeping the people we worked for safe. Today, most cops are "law enforcement officers", concerned with enforcing the laws, right or wrong, irrespective of any intent to break the law on the part of the arrestee. You know these cops: they are the ones who shave their heads, who wear dark glasses day and night, who wear the finger-less "shooting" gloves, and try to get assigned to SWAT so they can play with all the cool toys.

We had a young TO arrested for planting drugs on people he wanted to arrest, and for making his drug dog "hit" on cars he wanted to search. He kept drugs he confiscated without checking them into evidence (not because he wanted to use them himself, but so he could train his dog the way he wanted to, and so he could plant the drugs at a later date).

We had an older traffic officer who spoke often of "the mud people". He was not only bigoted against blacks, but he often spoke of how Hitler was "given a bad rap", and how great the German people were. Needless to say, (but I will anyway) he wasn't fond of Jews, either.

There are still quite a few cops out there who at least _want_ to do a good job, but the academies and their Chiefs are telling them to go out and arrest anyone who breaks the law. As we've seen in the courts, mens rea, _intent_ (to commit a crime) is no longer required to convict, the way it used to be required. So, even the cops that are trying to do a good job have been indoctrinated to _enforce_ THE LAW. And the bad cops, the ones who shoot old men in their nursing home wheelchairs because in their dementia they are afraid and waving a bread knife, are given a free pass, by their department, by their review boards, and by the courts. The same for the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (Highway Patrol) officer who probed the vaginas of mother and daughter on a traffic stop, or the New Mexico cops who took a man to a hospital because they "believed" he was hiding drugs in his rectum and had him digitally examined, forced to take laxatives several times, and even subjected, with the hospital's acquiescence, to a colonoscopy.

There are legitimate web sites (e.g.,, Col., which track many of the abuses of police officers across the country. They are not all made up, and - because so many of them do _not_ involve a black "victim" - are not mentioned in the mainstream news.

I am not a cop hater, and have good friends and neighbors who were cops, too, but I know there are many more bad cops on the streets these days than there used to be. Far more than there should be.

Anonymous said...

Where are the autopsy reports that would show whether the killed were done in by cop shots or otherwise?
And the cops were on site before the bikes arrived? Yet the bikes rolled in, planning to go to war? Something is rotten in Waco and we will never know the details. Just as jfk records will still be unrevealed long after our demise.

DAN III said...

It appears to me that any folks organizing a public event need to consider anti-sniper overwatch teams. Should those teams observe incoming rounds, then those overwatch teams need to go-to-guns and return fire.

For me, there are no good cops. They are all badged thugs. Local, state and fedgov.

The times they are changing.

Verify your zero.

Anonymous said...

I am a Marine combat veteran with a purple Heart. I would believe ANY
biker over any cop or member of this Government !
Maybe the time to return fire has arrived?

Jay Sprueill said...

I am a 10 year veteran Correctional Officer, and have family members who are retired police officers, and have personal knowledge of many illegal incidents performed by police officers, and know for a fact there are more "Gestapo type" police officers on the force than not.

Roland Deshain said...

I was leary when this story first broke. They said "hundreds" of weapons. I commented that they probably counted the knives in the kitchen. I was not far off. I was unaware of the upcoming ride planned, so now this story makes sense. They are trying to intimidate folks from participating. The government is starting to be afraid of us, as they should be. The comment about overwatch teams is right on. We are becoming targets because we will not submit. They have the advantage with the willing accomplices in the press, but with the new media, i.e.,the internet, the playing field is starting to level out. Hence, the attempt to exert government control over it. That would be a heavy blow to freedom.

Longbow said...

I don't understood what is meant by this, " Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot...".

Two shots killed seven people? That is unlikely in the extreme. Please clarify?

Ronbo said...

I can't prove it.

I don't have the "smoking gun memorandum.

But I will give you good odds that the order for the Waco Biker Massacre came by way of the chain of command from President Obama.

Obama is a Communist first, last and always.

What is a Commie wet dream?


Think the bloodbath in Russia - 50 million killed.

Obama wants this shoot out at the latter day O.K. Corral - He's dreamed of THE REVOLUTION! all his miserable fucking life. He's in the position to make it happen...

He's trying to provoke patriot Americans...

He's got our attention.



Be sure to bring plenty of body bags FOR YOURSELVES.

These Colors don't run!

Anonymous said...

I think Col. Bunny still believes in the Easter Bunny. Along with that he believes in America, hot apple pie, and the two party system and three (separate) branches of not (big but gargantuan) government!
My own city (Yuma) police department is totally corrupt. How do I know this? Because when a local newspaperman was investigating them they harassed and terrified (this is real not the phony terrorism invented by the federal government) and in general violated their civil rights six ways from Sunday, and not one cop came forward and denounced it. Why? Well, of course they were afraid and concerned about their retirement packages, eh?
But, if you're a "warrior cop" and are too afraid to insure that the law is universally applied, then you are in the wrong line of work.
If we had more good cops, there would be more who report the illegal and immoral activities of their colleagues. But, as you and I both know, very very very few will do this, ergo, very very very few good cops. Sorry Bunny but silence is complicity! That's the rule, and you know it. JWC

buffalo lips said...

Addressed to Reg T: I am retired from 40 years in federal and municipal law enforcement. I endorse your comments. I watched over my career as policing metastasized from "officer friendly", to "protect and serve", to "community policing" in a failed attempt to improve their image, and finally to openly "policing for profit". Much of the negativity and violence police are now sadly experiencing everywhere is not solely the resentment of minority demographics. It has also been earned many times over by police who have been preying on the public, day and night, for municipal revenue (profit) wherever and whenever possible, across the entire nation. Add to that the checkpoints deployed everywhere. Many officers and deputies acted as they did because they were incentivized with expectations of promotion and special assignment/career enhancement commensurate to their ruthlessness/lack of compassion. Add to all this the undeniable fact that the military is trained to destroy anything in their way and kill the enemy, and for the last two decades, we've been militarizing the police nationwide. What other outcome than what we're experiencing could any sane person expect? And don't get me started on the corruption I've personally witnessed (which I shared with the US Attorney) and false testimony I observed routinely given in court. It's no wonder that trust in government at large, and law enforcement in particularly, has been irrevocably lost. So what comes next?

Col. B. Bunny said...


Thanks for your insights and I don't doubt the examples you provide. I have personal experience of Army practice in the '60s and can attest that it placed great emphasis on integrity. In my OCS class, two officer candidates were terminated for lying. I expect that police organizations have similar procedures for eliminating poor officers, which other officers have a duty to support. Not directing that at you, only making the point that poor officers can slip through the slats. No organization is immune from that but internal affairs departments are there to keep everyone honest.

I don't doubt the examples reported on various websites. Anecdotes there are in abundance but a perspective that comes from statistical analysis is a necessary part in understanding police misconduct. As I replied elsewhere on this site, the NRA has made the point that yesterday 90 (?) million gun owners harmed no one. The anti-gun owner hysteria of the progressive morons much resembles the campaign to discredit the vast majority of police who do their job humanely and competently. At this point, in the realm of anecdote, I prefer to take a similar view vis-a-vis police.

I don't see the distinction between "law enforcement officers" and "peace officers." All police officers have a duty to enforce the laws and all have discretion on whom to arrest and on what charge(s). (Right now, by way of personal anecdote, at last count I've been stopped 10 times in my life and seven of those times I've not been charged. And never once abused or insulted.)

I did see some DEA clown in a restaurant somewhere I can't recall who was at a table wearing some kind of Sinbad the Pirate do rag like he was some kind of a buccaneer. He's the only caricature of a bad-ass cop I've ever seen.

I seriously doubt that more arrests are now being made because of the new policies of police chiefs everywhere to bring back the citations. There is little uniformity at the state and local level and so that cannot be a ubiquitous practice.

As a former public defender, I absolutely contest the idea that mens rea is no longer required to convict. No way.

Col. B. Bunny said...


As a matter of fact, I DO believe in the Easter Bunny.

Col. B. Bunny said...

@Buffalo Lips.

Your personal experience cannot be discounted. I do think, however, of the professionalism that I see in, SAY, the TV show "Alaska State Troopers" is not bogus. Even allowing for cherry picking of incidents and editing, I do not automatically conclude that "That's just TV." Do I consider the conduct of those officers polite, restrained, decent, legal? I do. It would make no sense to conclude that their personalities and conduct are different off camera. My own experience of enforcement targeting me and of officers I met in the course of being a criminal defense attorney comports with what I've said about the officers on that show. The idea that police are (uniformly) "preying on the public" is not provable without statistical evidence which none of us here is providing. You no more know what is taking place across the nation than I do. Or at least you've not provided any data in that regard.

Similarly, it's is unlikely that assignments and promotions are "commensurate to [officer] ruthlessness/lack of compassion." I think you overstate your case with such a demonstrably unsupportable allegation.

I have never seen any of the checkpoints you mention and have only heard of one, which happened to involve a client of mine.

Nor is the military trained to destroy anything in their path. The infantry is charged only with the mission to find, fix, and destroy the enemy. Be that as it may, there is difference between militarizing the police and merely supplying them with military equipment. Every 10 officers may get their own MRAP vehicle but the state of federalism, degraded as it is to an unimaginable degree, is still not such as to have resulted in a neutering of local and state control. Misconduct and stupidity in the ranks and assorted departments there is, but it's been anything but proven that local officers have some kind of new destroy-the-enemy attitude. These are still our fellow citizens.

I don't gainsay one word you've written about your personal experience. I've also seen some cheesy U.S. Attorney, DEA, and correctional officer behavior that was dishonest, immoral, or oppressive. I've personally been cussed out by a federal judge and also encountered other federal and state judicial officials who were fair and honest.

The constitutional system still has some vitality in it and there is still a great reservoir of decency and honor in our people. I make the arguments I do because I will not accept the basic argument of the leftist zealots that ours is a corrupt nation. And it is job number one of the left to sing that song to the rafters. They don't know what demons they may unleash because they pay no heed to the history of the last century. All true data need to be factored into our thinking but we need to be very careful lest we damage the overall structure out of carelessness.

I'm much more concerned about how the U.S. Supreme Court and every last bar association in this country have sold us down the river by turning the Constitution completely on its head. But that's another story.

Anonymous said...

response to
Anonymous said...
If you have evidence that the police fired without provocation and are guilty of what you claim you would be doing a service to publish a carefully detailed report of the evidence supporting your article. This would provide the basis for a criminal prosecution.

Lacking that I believe the conclusions that can be drawn are obvious.
1. any official reports,autopsies etc SO HOW THE HELL TO POST A THING ?
2. lacking ANY photos, footage OF law enforcement vehicles showing DAMAGES--surely there SHOULD BE SOME DAMAGED VEHICLES IF SHOTS FIRED TOWARDS THEM-
3.LACKING ANY CCTV videos, CELL PHONE videos--geez, it's TAKING THEM a long time to get IT together and PRESENT IT, huh ?
4.LACKING any law enforcement injured--c'mon anon-SHOTS allegedly fired at them..
5. WE DO HAVE reports on more than 170 individuals lifted with bond 1st set at A MILLION DOLLARS EACH
6. WE DO HAVE reports that the vast majority HAVE NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND AT ALL.
SO WHY IS BAIL set at that level ?
8. WE DO KNOW FOR A FACT THAT the law enforcement was well aware of the confederacy holding their meetings

they were massacred.
and the same as WACO 1, there will be NO UPROAR.
DO you remember WACO ? innocent people INCINERATED ?
evidence removed, bulldozed etc ?
don't BELIEVE THIS ? search it all out.

Anonymous said...

Documentary.... watch, learn, spread.
Be of good courage, long live the Republic.

Rsa28 said...

Well said!

cmblake6 said...

Thanks for the reference. These people were set up to be murdered and oppressed. These government agents were there to try to "crush the rebellion".

Anonymous said...

This account may or may not be true. However, since the gov't demostrably lies to us daily about the economy, taxes/budgets, global warming/climate change, and pick your scandal du jour it leaves room for 'sane' people to consider that they may just be lying again (still).

Lordchamp said...

I've said it many times and I will say it again about this incident.

Until such time as the "good" cops stand up and stop the bad cops in whatever way they have to do it, there are no good cops. They are all one in the same and will eventually suffer the wrath of those they abuse.

So if you are one of the good ones, you better stand up and soon. This stuff is getting real serious, real fast.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Time to speak and act good cops.