Thursday, August 25, 2016


     This one happened at a nearby gas station.

FWP: Hello!
Flo: (peers at me uncertainly) Hi. You’re from the parish, aren’t you?

FWP: Yes, and that’s the problem. I’ve been a member of the parish for thirteen years, and no one has taken the trouble to introduce himself. So I’m taking the bull by the horns. (Sticks out hand) Hello, I’m Fran.
Flo: (shakes hands) Hello, I’m Flo. Pleased to meet you.

FWP: See, wasn’t that easy? And you’ve sat three seats away from me for over a thousand Masses by now. Say, the tall good-looking fellow who always sits next to you—
Flo: My husband?
FWP: If you say so. What’s his name?
Flo: Oh, that’s Bill.

FWP: Very nice. Believe me, I understand the reluctance to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself. You never know who might turn out to be an Islamic terrorist.
Flo: (giggles) Are you an Islamic terrorist?
FWP: (smiles naughtily) Are you sure you’d be able to trust my reply?
Flo: (giggles nervously) Well, you have a nice day.
FWP: You too!

     You know, I’d never seen an elderly woman leave rubber pulling out of a gas station before...

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