Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Running For Liar-in-Chief?

     First, peruse this story:

     STEPHANOPOULOS: How about in the White House? The New York Times wrote this week that you did not attend National Security Council meetings, you did not receive the president's daily briefing, didn't have a security clearance. And that calls your experience in the White House into question.

     CLINTON: Well, I just disagree with that. You know, I can imagine what the stories would have been had I attended a National Security Council meeting. You were there. I think you can vouch for that.

     But I had direct access to all of the decision-makers. I was briefed on a range of issues, often provided classified information. And often when I traveled on behalf of our country. I traveled with representatives from the DOD, the CIA, the State Department. I think that my experience is unique, having been eight years in the White House, having, yes, been part of making history, and also been part of learning how to best present our country's case. And now, seven years on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

     Then ponder this story:

     Hillary Clinton had no role in national security matters as first lady, according to newly uncovered records, a revelation that undermines her claims on the campaign trail in 2008.

     William Cohen, who served as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton for several years, said in 2007 that Hillary Clinton “was not involved in national security issues” as first lady, according to a transcript of an interview with the defense secretary’s historical office obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

     Cohen, who was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1996, spoke about his experience as defense secretary during the interview, highlighting his positive relationship with the former president. When asked by interviewers whether Hillary Clinton “play[ed] any kind of part” in national security and Pentagon matters, he replied, “No, not really.”

     “She was not involved in national security issues,” Cohen said in the transcript, which was included in the William S. Cohen papers archive housed at the University of Maine.

     I can’t help but wonder whether the drugs she’s been taking for her myriad physical maladies have caused Mrs. Clinton to hallucinate. Or perhaps she’s merely confident that the media will confirm whatever she says whenever it can, and will refuse to cover the story whenever it can’t.

     Bill Clinton, according to the testimony of one of his co-partisans, is "an unusually good liar." His wife, unfortunately for her and everyone in her orbit, is an unusually bad one.


Anonymous said...

When one lies so often on such a wide range of topics I suspect it is very easy to begin to lose track of what the truth was.
And of course, her lap dogs will ignore. Those who 'bring up old news' will be labeled conspiracy theorists or worse and the dance will continue.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I would try to not engage in any pillow talk with the B, but I'll just get old Bill shared a lot of shit in the private quarters.