Monday, February 12, 2018

Quickies: Might This Foreshadow A Trend?

     If so, I think I’d be pleased:

     A new video from Vice News published Friday focuses on a healing retreats for “Women of Color” where participants can go to get away from white people.

     The founder says that white people are so destructive that they “shouldn’t even have passports.”

     The retreat is called the “Women of Color Healing Retreat” and takes place in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Vice News notes that it “specifically banned white people.”

     The narrator notes that one attendee “needed a break–from white people.”

     The founder, Andrea X, expressed the opinion that white people–but white Americans specifically, shouldn’t be allowed to have passports or travel.

     “I have no tips for a white person” she said. “My tip to white people is to let us have our space, let us have our room, and go hang out with other white people. We’re okay. You know, you’ve done enough damage.”

     What's that you say, ladies? You “need a break from white people?” Why not make it permanent? Take your selves, your progeny, and your possessions, burn your U.S. passports, renounce your citizenship, and leave the U.S. for good! Good riddance to you!

     Isn’t it amazing that the oppressed and downtrodden of other lands flock here by the millions, but our domestic Negroes can do nothing but complain about “microaggressions?” Maybe we should talk about the “knockout game,” eh, ladies? Or perhaps about the black-on-white crime statistics? What about “flash mobs” of black teenagers that loot and destroy defenseless retail stores? Are you interested in conversing about any of that?

     I have strained lifelong to see individuals as individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. I have fought my own knowledge of the crime and welfare statistics, of the tide of illegitimacy, and of the deep, lethally poisonous ocean of racialist venom in which American Negroes have soaked. Whenever I’ve had dealings with an individual black American, I’ve done my best to be courteous and trusting, just as I would be toward a fellow Caucasian. Every white man I know has done exactly the same. Yet this is where we’ve arrived.

     It would be a great and good thing if we could get all our black racists to leave the U.S. and make the trip one-way, so that the blacks who remain here will be the ones that appreciate this country. However, I’m certain that these “ladies of color” who feel so beset by white “microaggressions” and “passive-aggressiveness” will return to this country even more racist and hateful than they are today. That’s because they’ll be pumping one another up, you see: telling one another about all the awful things American whites have done to them. But they’ll come back, because regardless of their delusions, Negroes have it easier and better in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world, and they know it.

     And as I reflect on that previous sentence, an ugly thought comes to me:

     Maybe that’s part of the problem.

     We’re drawing ever closer to this scenario, and as little as I like it, I’ve been wondering whether it’s become inevitable. If so, no one can say he wasn’t warned.


pc-not said...

Your analysis is spot on. Every white contemporary of mine has a similar take on "race relations". I was raised to treat the individual with respect and fairness. Whether or not it was my Christian upbringing or an innate sense of living by the Golden Rule, I can tell you that in my dealings with individual Negroes, I practiced my own personal affirmative action.

Well before the Marxist imposed political action, I usually gave Black people more than equal treatment compared with my white associates. That is to say, as a child growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was aware of the disadvantages many Blacks had been dealt. This changed in during the 70's Black Power movement and has resulted in the behaviors you have alluded to.

The more Leftists politicize the white priviledge meme, the more our culture
will deteriorate. Statistics don't lie.

jabrwok said...

We’re okay. You know, you’ve done enough damage

So I suppose they don't need our taxes going to support them anymore. That's great news! Let's begin dismantling LBJ's Great Society scam! Then we can work towards abolishing the New Deal.


I am as "whitebread" as it is possible to get. I am married to a non-Caucasian. I don't have a bigoted bone in my body.

But... even my immigrant wife has observed that black people have a slave mentality.

So you don't like white people? Fine. Do a DNA test, and we'll move you back to the African country of your choice / that best matches your DNA profile.