Thursday, February 22, 2018

Quickies: When The Pustule Bursts...

     Given events like this one:

     Police in Bucks County are searching for a man who is accused of killing a pet dog.

     Hilltown Township Police say they initially responded to a call on the 1400 block of Route 113 on Feb. 3 about a man threatening members of the home, and who had possibly killed the family’s pet dog.

     When police arrived on the scene, the family members were not hurt, but a dog was found dead on the property.

     The Bucks County SPCA says the dog suffered multiple skull fractures due to blunt force trauma.

     Police identified the suspect as 24-year-old Rony Arturo Garcia of the 1400 block of Route 113 in Perkasie.

     ...and this one:

     The largely abandoned former seaside resort town of Castel Volturno north of Naples has been taken over by Nigerian gangs who run drug and prostitution rings.

     The town has a total population of around 30,000 people, of which an estimated 20,000 are migrants, French news magazine L’Obs reports.

     Many of the Nigerian migrant women who walk the streets as prostitutes are underage, offering sexual favours for as little as 5 to 15 euros along the Via Domitiana by the sea.

     The rampant petty crime and violence in the city has led to journalists wanting to write about the town requiring police escorts for their own safety.

     The current Italian government, which is seeking re-election on March 4th, has signed a 21-million euro package to increase security in towns like Castel Volturno and offer integration programmes for migrants.

     ...I expect rivers of blood. Some of that blood will be from decent Americans and Europeans, but not all of it -- and the Left. and its relentless promotion of multiculturalism and open borders will bear the odium.

     The West cannot permit this importation of savages from Third World hellholes to continue without fatal consequences for the Civilization of the Enlightenment.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Gotta love those integration initiatives. Those will work like a charm. Why didn't anyone think of them before now? Or were they just underfunded hitherto? Those skinflints!

daniel_day said...

This video just came out on Gates of Vienna today. Italians debating:
Do I need to explain that "slave boy" really means "catamite"? Nah.

Kye said...

It's already too late for Western Civilization. It would take at least three generations (if we start right now) to bring our birth rate up to sustainable levels but only one generation for immigrants, migrants and refugees to become a plurality, gain voting rights and replace whites and Christians in office.


It's the SPANISH SOLUTION or the death of the West. There is no "good option" any more.