Sunday, August 18, 2019


CSO: I had one of those moments yesterday.
FWP: What about?

CSO: I crossed the whole house to get to the kitchen, but forgot why I went there. When I sat down at my desk, I remembered.
FWP: Happens to everyone, sweetie. You don’t even have to be particularly old. There’s no cure, but there is...hope. So send your tax-deductible contributions to...!

CSO: It’s really annoying to remember only after you sit down.
FWP: Some day, researchers will learn enough about the brain to be able to say why that happens.

CSO: They’ll probably forget it right away!
FWP: Not if they write it down. That’s why Post-It® notes were invented.

CSO: Hah! Do you think those things write themselves?
FWP: Hm. Good point.

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