Sunday, August 11, 2019

Point Of No Return

     Brace yourself, Gentle Reader. After this, you might decide you’d rather have had another “assorted” column.

     In the aftermath of the discovery of financier Jeffrey Epstein’s dead body in his one-man cell, all of the following have been reported by sources to which at least some attention should be paid:

  • Epstein had told guards some weeks ago – before his previous “suicide attempt” – that he believed someone was trying to kill him.
  • The guards assigned to monitor Epstein were pulled off watch three hours before his body was discovered.
  • Epstein had been taken off suicide watch some time before his body was discovered.
  • Photos of the body taken from the cell reveal discrepancies with Epstein’s body.
  • Cameras that would have observed Epstein’s death “malfunctioned.”
  • There were no prior indications that Epstein would attempt suicide.

     I don’t think all of those assertions can be true, though it’s possible that all of them are false. However, they emanate from inside the very system that was charged with keeping Jeffrey Epstein alive and healthy. So this man, who could testify about the heinous crimes of other rich and prominent men, is dead under circumstances that the most phlegmatic of observers would be compelled to call suspicious.

     And what’s this? The system that’s responsible for investigating this debacle is the very system that allowed (or committed) it. What an incredible surprise! We don’t normally expect the suspect to investigate himself, do we? I mean, unless “the suspect” is the DoJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, or some such, right? Right?

     It is to laugh...hollowly, and with many a tear.

     It is simply not possible for a decent American to retain even a shred of confidence in the institutions of government. All have betrayed their charters. All have scamped the responsibilities We the People delegated to them. All have proved corrupt, their souls for sale to anyone with the ready cash.

     Matters are no better in the private sector. The Fortune 3000 corporations that employ half the working population of this country are all in bed with the government. They control the regulatory sector. They purchase the allegiance of politicians with financial support. It’s the dynamic of giantism, as unstoppable as the rotation of the Earth.

     What’s that you say? We can still toss the rascals out come election time? Please! The Left’s strongest initiative has been to suborn town and county Boards of Election and the Secretary of State offices of the fifty states. There’s hardly an electoral district in the United States that hasn’t been infiltrated and colonized by persons determined to see “their” candidates prevail regardless of the actual balloting. It’s so pervasive – and so widely known – that the majority of registered voters don’t bother to show up for any but Presidential elections.

     What remains is to watch how swiftly “our” news media shift the conversation away from this horror to some “safe” topic. Perhaps “racism” or “gun control.”

     Am I angry? Why yes, I am. However did you guess?

     In any sociopolitical project aimed toward a preconceived end, there’s a “point of no return,” after which the result must be either complete success or devastating failure. There’s no going back to try for some other end. Once past the point of no return, it’s win or die.

     The Left has taken us past that point. We are now in a state in which the only possible outcomes are absolute and unopposable power by an immune, self-selected elite over the rest of us, with provisions to ensure that any subsequent rebellion would be hopeless, or the convulsive overthrow of that elite, including appropriate incarcerations and executions, and a return to the strict observance of individual rights and Constitutional constraints.

     I am not kidding. President Trump can’t do it all himself. It’s time for something more: an upsurge of citizen activism of the genuinely active sort:

  • Removal of corrupt officials from their offices;
  • Defiance and overthrow of unConstitutional laws and regulations;
  • Dismantling of agencies and bureaucracies for which there is no Constitutional authority;
  • Continuous monitoring of every element of the election system to ensure its legitimate operation.

     Don’t say it can’t be done. It’s been done before:

When do we start?
Where and how do we start?
Who are the heirs of Patrick Henry?


Pascal said...

At likely no surprise to you, I'm gonna take a contrarian point of view because I think it's healthy even if it undermines the head of steam what you wrote could help develop. If you see the latter is more important to keep, you have my permission not to publish the former. I will probably say the same thing elsewhere unless you can convince me the probability brought up below is low.

We have not seen the body -- yet. What are the odds that AG Barr has put Epstein under protective custody? There is no better start to that than telling the world the man in custody is dead. I will leave the rest to you.



Hopefully is in a room somewhere singing like a canary. I won't hold my breath.

Of course, given what he did, if that's the case then after they've squeezed him for everything then give him a nice last swim off his island. After suitably chumming the water. Sharks have to eat too, you know.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That would be a gutsy move, Pasc.
One that could only be made prior to an assurance you are going to pull down the pillars of the temple.

Linda Fox said...

Pascal, I certainly hope you are correct. But, I'm not that confident of Barr's pro-active action.

I doubt that most people have gone Full-On Prepper, but - do consider taking on a side job (over or under the table), and use that income to dig yourself out of the hole most of us are in:

- Put aside money sufficient to keep you going - food, utilities, housing - for 3-6 months. In a crisis, this buys you breathing room. What about other creditors? Please! In a SHTF situation, they can fend for themselves.
- Pay off all credit. Keep one or two cards for emergencies, but pay them off monthly. This can be tough, but, using the Dave Ramsey Snowball Method, I've personally known people to manage it in a shorter time than you might think.
- Pay off your house. Adding even a few hundred dollars each month makes a huge difference to the debt. Yes, I know that government can come in and tax you into submission - that's why you also have a getaway place - some land near water, and a shack/cabin/old trailer. It's your bugout place if your main home no longer is a haven.
- Whether you plan to stay in place, or bug out, make friends with your neighbors. Join the neighborhood association (unless it's an HOA - avoid them like the plague), build alliances, assess who are the Dependable Ones, and who are A Complete Waste of Time. This, more than anything else, will pay off in the long term.

Don't leave all your money in banks/investments. Put some of it into tools, food supply/seeds/gardens, off-the-grid capability (I wouldn't waste time with those schemes that put up solar panels that hook into the electric system. You want to be in control of your own, preferably somewhat portable, energy system - loose solar panels that can be hooked into your system, portable generators - AND the fuel to get them working, wood stoves/convertible heating/cooking sources.), and communications equipment, including scanners/mobile radio, SDR. I'm a ham, and favor risking the government knowing your name for the benefit of learning to setup and use the gear correctly, including training in assisting emergency services - ARES.

Pass this on to your family. Stay aware. We do live in dangerous times.

Pascal said...

Actually, making a fuss about Epstein's demise in custody -- given the danger he was in that only Pollyanna could not foresee -- is not a bad thing even if Barr has planned it out.

For one thing, there were MANY people who felt threatened by Epstein. I do not believe in the grand conspiracy model, only that a few people know how to blackmail and extort to get what they want. So anyone of the ones who felt threatened could have killed him and the rest do not know if Epstein is really dead or not.

THAT UNCERTAINTY is a huge boon for the Trump administration to wait to see which of the guilty parties volunteer to turn states evidence just so the can get a better situation for themselves. The prisoner's dilemma folks. Typically it works most of the time with only 2 suspects. This time there are too many to begin counting.

Stay tuned. And remember, if AG Barr has indeed done this, it may be an answer to a lot of prayers. Yes, it's a gutsy move for most people -- but I do not see as one for Trump. At this point in time, what remains in the language that they might label him?

Craig said...

Thank you for your perspective. If only more people were aware.

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

While I agree with your post and the sentiments discussed, “we” liberty minded serfs have been at this juncture for several years.

I reference for your reading pleasure the most appropriate and relevant post from back in 2015 by blogger deth guild ( I believe he has given up on FUSA and gone dark ). I believe this post was after the nut job shooting at the college in Oregon on 2015 under the obama regime:

It is without a doubt the most accurate description of how I feel, and I suspect/hope most of the folks reading your blog will relate?

That said I believe most of your readers will relate to, and are absolutely astonished at the audacity the the elites took regarding Epstein. Whether he was actually murdered or renditioned to some black site hole/country, everyone in the USA knew he had damaging info on the elites and his life was at risk. The elites did not care and killed him. This is a completely in your face f@ck you to the citizens of the USA, saying screw you we run the country, you can do nothing!

Add to that the complete acceptance by the executive branch ( ie - Trump & his acolytes), congress and the supremes, that red flag laws, violating due process and the presumption of innocence are perfectly fine, well then, it is game over for what is supposed to be a constitutional republic. You are now guilty of a crime because we think you are. We basically are China, there is just a different flag on the pole ( for now ).

So the real question for you and all your readers is: what happens if nothing happens? Again I reference a post from another liberty minded blogger who has gone dark from 2018. ( the post still painfully appropriate! ):

The USA is done, the question is can enough folks agree we should peacefully split up between old school liberty and new school progressives, saving millions of lives or will we choose Yugoslavia on steroids? I am not optimistic.



I completely agree. Here's the conundrum. Leftists are MISSIONARIES. They BELIEVE they are the Anointed, the elites, the Philosopher-Kings under whose enlightened (but surely dictatorial) rule mankind is destined to form a great and eternal utopia - shades of the "Thousand Year Reich"...

So. Assume the absolute best and we separate. The existence of ANY state they don't control, and especially one in such close proximity, will drive them mad. They will infiltrate. They will immigrate under false claims they are Conservative. They will do everything in their power - in concert with other countries - to bring that freedom state down.

And then it will be war. Again.

Not for nothing do I have an oft-used quote on my blog:

"I do not compromise with cancer. I do not coexist with gangrene. The Left, the Globalists, and Islam must be fought and destroyed... or America, Israel, and Western Civilization itself will die."

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...


Sadly I have to agree with your post. Although it is unlikely to happen, if we were actually able to split up into our own country, I would hope we would be much more stringent about the requirements for immigration and citizenship.

As for Islam, you are spot on about that. Islam is simply a tyrannical cult of death masquerading as a religion.

The fact that it has so many believers, acolytes and supporters, just shows you how depraved and indifferent the world has become. As you say, it is a leftist dream come true, not that the islamists won't be chopping off leftist heads once their usefulness is over.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I'd just like to see photos of the cell. Are there or are there not places to which to attach a rope (or equivalent)?

Ditto as to the actual thing/rope/sheet/shoelace/t-shirt/dental floss JE used. How did what he used get into his cell?

Something tells me it will be a long wait before photos of the cell or the instrument of suicide are produced.

Paul Bonneau said...

"All have scamped the responsibilities We the People IMAGINE WE delegated to them."

There, I fixed it for ya. I did not delegate squat. These illusions we have were fed to us in the government schools.

Here is how it is with government: It is a self-serving parasitic gang that provides "services" better delegated to the market (and in this case, being voluntary, the delegation is real, not imaginary). The only question is, how much depredation can the host organism, the productive class, tolerate? Wise government boils down to knowing when to ease up on the depredation.

As to institutions, given enough time, all human institutions turn to shit. Or, see Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy...

"That is the key to history. Terrific energy is expended - civilizations are built up - excellent institutions devised; but each time something goes wrong. Some fatal flaw always brings the selfish and cruel people to the top, and then it all slides back into misery and ruin. In fact, the machine conks. It seems to start up all right and runs a few yards, and then it breaks down."
-- C. S. Lewis

Francis W. Porretto said...

The Constitution of the United States does delegate certain responsibilities to the federal government, Paul. You didn't sign it -- you might not even like it -- but it's the Supreme Law of the Land. If it displeases you too thoroughly to accept, I'm afraid you're in the wrong country. Is there another country where you don't have to compromise on your convictions (whatever they are) even that much?

Oh, by the way: No one "fixes" my prose. I say exactly what I mean at all times, and I stand behind it word for word. Disabuse yourself of any notions to the contrary if you want to retain commenting privileges here at Liberty's Torch. I give one warning. You've now had yours.