Saturday, December 15, 2012


There is no more dangerous weapon in the hands of a demagogue than a dead child in a puddle of blood. -- David Blount

The predictable cries for ever more gun control in the wake of the Newtown, CT atrocity have the DextroSphere in an equally predictable uproar. Such exchanges of fire have been going on for decades; recent developments in the media and the swiftness of the contemporary news cycle have merely accelerated them.

All the usual observations have been made about the hypocrisy of the Left: they yawn at the slaughter of over a million babies per year; they object strenuously to the death penalty even for mass murderers; their own political figureheads travel everywhere with a heavily armed escort. And of course, we in the Right have been lambasted, as usual, with accusations about "compensation" and "not caring about innocent human lives." It's become a script; you could read it along with the players if you chose.

For the moment, the Second Amendment stands, and with the exception of some ultra-blue cities, is honored more often than not. There are more than 200 million firearms in the hands of private citizens...and quite a number more within the reach of persons such as Nidal Malik Hasan. The Left is furious that any weapon, of any caliber should be in the hands of anyone other than a fully politically-correct law-enforcement officer or a member of the military...and as for those latter persons, one could easily get the impression that the Left would love to see them disarmed, too.

I'm not here merely to repeat the usual tropes about how more guns mean less crime, or how often guns are used to protect innocent life and property. Those things are still important factors in an argument with someone who's interested in facts and logic. But that excludes the anti-gun Left.

Michael Emerling's rhetorical tactic "Isolating the Issue" has taught me some sobering things:

FWP: I agree with you about our duty to protect the innocent, but indulge me for a moment: Would you still be opposed to private firearms ownership if I could show you conclusive evidence that it actually saves far more lives than it costs?
Anti-Gun Liberal: Yes.
FWP: Then would you mind telling me your real reason for opposing private firearms ownership?
Anti-Gun Liberal: (Walks away without answering.)

The Left wants to take the right to keep and bear arms away from Americans for reasons wholly disconnected from the benefits of an armed citizenry in a free society...because a free society, not the right to own weapons, is their true target.

Politeness be damned. The Left is a totalitarian movement. Its master strategists hate the very idea of freedom, whatever they might tell the cannon fodder beneath them. You cannot establish a totalitarian regime, capable of compelling and forbidding all things, over an armed people. Therefore, private firearms ownership must end. Q.E.D.

Therefore, there's no point in arguing about guns with a left-liberal. He'll never, ever give you his real reason for being opposed to guns in private hands.

Note that the Left already grasps this. They don't seek to argue the subject with us; they merely orate about it through the fully complicit and compliant Main Stream Media. Michael Bloomberg would never dare to enter the arena with John Lott or Don Kates. Such an encounter might force him to reveal his true if it weren't already on garish display.

It's time we used their tactics against them: attack their spokesmen personally, not merely as hypocrites but as would-be tyrants. They are conscienceless vultures determined to feed on the corpses of the freshly slain. They'll politicize any atrocity -- Newtown; Virginia Tech; Aurora, CO -- if it might help them to advance their agenda of total power. They're eager to reduce American citizens to helpless serfs. Say so, and loudly! Given that the facts and the Constitution are on our side, it should be a walkover. And as the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment are the guarantors of all the other rights Americans cherish, no issue could be more important.

Once more, with feeling: Politeness be damned!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct about REgressives and gun control-all the well researched data in the world showing where CC is legal there's less gun crime matters not a whit-it's like that with everything-look at the god like devotion they have to the idiocy of global warming despite the proof there's actually been cooling the last 16 years...oh wait now it's wha?...climate change.

Or that lower tax rates generate more revenue.

Or that a stronger military guarantees peace.

Cripes, you'll never win an argument with a REgressive when all you have are facts on your side.

They just to come out and admit that's it's all about control.

LFMayor said...

i would ask you sir if there is ANY reason to argue with liberals? There politics are in fact filling the voids left in them by their atheism.

If we proceed up the escalation tree and time and time again have fact, reason and at times simple physics and mathematics ignored, what purpose remains in trying to convince?

Perhaps it would be more efficient just to escalate and get the inevitable over with as quickly and humanely as possible.

Anonymous said...

Right after we pummel the press maggots pressing their microphones into the faces of the survivors in a pathetic bid for ratings.

Oh, and then on to the WBC ghouls who want to compound the misery by protesting at the funerals.

The tyrants can wait. It isn't like they every go away.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Regressives (good word) will take the risk of democide in the tens of millions so that tragedies involving miniscule casualties can be effected with axes and machetes instead of guns.

As someone observed some years ago, 60,000,000 gun owners yesterday killed no one.

Regressives forever overdrive their headlights. Human depravity is right in front of their bumper in the glare of the lights but regressives are focused far down the road in the shadows of a stretch of utopian road that will never be reach while the solar system exists. Unbelievable damage and suffering results from that skewed focus and Fran's confrontational logic is OF COURSE completely lost on them. It's irrelevant.

Joseph said...

The mass murders at public schools make it obvious that it's time to ban public schools.