Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From The Lips Of The Master

It cannot be put more succinctly than it was by George Orwell himself, from his deathbed:

Don't let it happen.

(Applause to WRSA for unearthing this gem.)

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furball said...

I think 1913, when the Federal Reserve was set up, when the Income Tax was proposed, and when World War One got underway via hard-nosed treaties (although it took some stupid assassination attempt the next year in Serbia to trigger it) was the focal point for most of what is troubling the world these days. You can read almost ALL of our Founding Fathers arguing against a Central Bank like the Federal Reserve and AGAINST a personal tax, like the income tax. But a lone gunman in SERBIA? The leaders of Russia, Germany and England were COUSINS! Something happened in 1914 and it was counter-intuitive and it lead to WWI, all the map redrawings, WWII, ET CETERA.

I don't believe the world is weird by design. I think we did this to ourselves. But mostly it was leftism, or communism, or the idea that a STATE could run our lives better than individual responsibility and personal WORK could make a society.

And I really DO think something happened around 1912 to 1914 that screwed us up all the way 'til now. Call it socialism, globalism, corporatism, leftism, statism. . . WHATEVER! Something happened in those few years that caused Western Civilization to turn away from the ideal of Magna Charta in 1215 which began enumerating individual freedom. The Treaty of Westphalia after the 30 Year's War in the 1600s essentially gave the idea of NATION to people as a right to their self-determination irrespective of the ancient idea of the Holy Roman Empire or any other IMPOSED serfdom.

And for hundreds of years individual people began proclaiming themselves free - at least in terms of religious belief and national identity. Then came World War I and in the aftermath, Woodrow Wilson and others "redrew maps" and threw people and civilizations into the chaos we live in now.

I do believe Woodrow Wilson, both Roosevelts, and Lyndon Johnson have not only corrupted America's Constitution, they have undermined people's identity and aspirations to better themselves. They thought they could just throw everyone together and make a "one world" humanity.

The truth is, my neighbor will eat whatever it takes for him and his family to survive. The truth is, some people are lazy, if they can be. The truth is, we are created equal, but we ARE different. . . and some will exploit those differences and even use them for political gain. (Does this sound like Barack Hussein Obama?)

The truth is, nations, people, and families don't form themselves out of RAAACISM or hatred or "ethnic purity." They form to survive. And people will find whatever bonds it takes to protect their and loved ones and property and means of survival.