Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Geert Wilders on the insanity of Muslims residing in the West.

Geert Wilders does not phrase his thoughts to make the precise point that I do in my title, but my point is a necessary and unavoidable conclusion from the criminality and insufferable arrogance of operational Muslims and the communities that support them. Nonetheless, Mr. Wilders has made a superb speech pointing out the true Muslim threat to our extraordinary civilization. I encourage you to read the whole speech, from which I have extracted this:
Everywhere, where Islam has had a foothold, it has brought enormous human suffering; for its own followers and their families — and especially for women and for non-Muslims.

In December of last year, in my homeland the Netherlands, a linesman was kicked to death by a group of young players after a football game. The media and the political establishment emphasised that we had a so called “football problem” in the Netherlands. The youths, who kicked the Dutch Linesman to death were not domestic Netherlanders, however, but Moroccans.

Almost every week there are incidents with Moroccan youths. In the Netherlands 65 percent of all Moroccan youths between 12 and 23 years have already been arrested at least once by the police. This is the reason why I emphasise that we do not have a “football problem” but a “Moroccan problem”.

The list of violent incidents in which Moroccans are involved, whether in our streets, our schools, our shopping centres or in our sports fields is endless. Moroccans are the largest Islamic group in my country. But the victims are almost never Moroccans or Muslims.

Four years ago the German Federal Minister for Families Kristina Schröder encouraged, — I quote: “an open debate about racist Muslims”. . . .

* * * *

The dogma that all lifestyles, opinions and convictions have the same value signifies the destruction of Western culture. It heralds the return to barbarism. Everywhere in the West we are now confronted with Islamic men who treat their own daughters, sisters and wives as inferior beings, while Western politicians turn a blind eye. Everywhere we are also confronted with Islamic racism, while the elites refuse an open discourse about it.

~ Geert Wilders.[1]

Islam is the perfect closed system, as Baron Bodissey has put it. Churchill said, "No stronger retrograde force exists in the world." The record of slaughter, plunder, rape, murder, slavery, oppression, hypocrisy, and obscurantism of Muslims is there for anyone to read. Yet, hypocrites whom craven weaklings have elected, supported in the media, and employed as teachers of their children have knowingly and willingly obscured and distorted that record to teach Westerners that Islam is about algebra, architecture, astronomy, and peace when, in fact, it is the perfect distillation of murder, conquest, and instruction on drinking camel milk and urine, locating infidels between feces and camel sweat, and willed spoliation and failure.

Mr. Wilders's understandable need to distinguish between (1) moderate, decent Muslims and (2) fanatical Muslim killers and infidel haters is an unfortunate reminder of the criminal prosecutions that awaits Europeans who run afoul of hate speech laws. Needless to say, they undermine freedom of speech, are enthusiastically employed by native European prosecutors, and are vigorously enforced by European courts.

The reality, however, is that the moderate Muslim is a myth. What is done in the name of Islam is supported by all Muslims and a search for the few to whom this does not apply is like looking for an opponent of the "living" Constitution at the annual meeting of the National Lawyers Guild (or of the American Bar Association).

The ReligionofPeace.com has the penultimate word here on this with this clear-headed formulation of the Islamic "dog that didn't bark" phenomenon:

While rumors of a Quran desecration or a Muhammad cartoon bring out deadly protests, riots, arson and effigy-burnings, the mass murder of non-Muslims generally evokes yawns. In the eleven years following 9/11 nearly 20,000 acts of deadly Islamic terrorism were perpetrated, yet all of them together fail to provoke the sort of outrage on the part of most Muslims that the mere mention of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo inspires.
Recall the Muslims around the world dancing in the streets on the day of 9/11? There are your moderate Muslims.

Islam needs to be outlawed as a subversive set of doctrines. All imams and muftis need to be deported. All Muslims must be forced to renounce Islam as a condition of being permitted to remain in any Western country and few must be given that choice. No segregation. No peace. Muslims are an existential threat to any and all Western countries in which they can be found. The madness of dealing with savages must end.

Westerners will resist these measures because of their cowardice and intellectual failure to see the mortal threat that Islam is. But the fiscal days of reckoning are coming to us all and the tolerance of Westerners for alien and hostile competitors for employment and resources -- and the treasonous politicians and intellectuals allied with them -- will melt away. In that sad fact -- emblematic of our abdication of simple commonsense and self respect -- will we find our salvation. But not before.

[1] "Geert Wilders’ Speech in Bonn." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 2/2/13.


Anonymous said...

..."Furthermore, Islam must be destroyed!"

pdwalker said...

Lies, all lies.

Clearly, islam promotes the love of children, see?


BabyHuey said...

Absolutely correct. But just try pointing this out to any of those who consider themselves "liberals", or part of the intellectual elite. I tried, recently, and lost several friends and a few family members over the whole thing.

The absolute blindness of the West in dealing with this problem is baffling to me.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, amen.

Pd, I saw that gem. A savvy commenter over at Gates of Vienna figures the father was the one doing the sexual intercourse that he accused her of having with, I don't know, the Green FedEx guy? There's shariah advice on having sex with animals and mandating the death of the animal thereafter. Getting a slap on the wrist after killing your five-y-o daughter is dealt with by the same "jurisprudence." But, hey, let's import some more of these cretins to improve our own societies.

BabyHuey, I got fed up with an uberliberal friend of mine who wouldn't desist in sending me liberal gun control flapdoodle. I'd rather not lose a friend but I'd also like my friends to have a certain minimum of contacts with reality.

I spoke to a fellow in the park this morning who has read the Koran and thinks it's a close approximation of the Bible. He's convinced that his experience with "interfaith dialogue" with some educated Muslims in Florida is proof of Muslim goodwill. Karen Armstrong is a reliable authority on Islam to him. I restrained myself but he's a prime candidate for a rude awakening.

I have no more patience for those who are blind by choice and from cowardice.