Sunday, February 24, 2013

Herr Doktor Goebbels; Call Your Office

The hue and cry of the usual suspects whose agenda is to achieve the disarmament of the US citizenry subsequent to the Sandy Hook outrage is as predictable as it is disingenuous. Even those who should know better are contributing grist to the mill of the gun grabbers by accepting the premises of the government gun grabbers and their media enablers. This is evidenced by the following exchange between CNN's Piers Morgan and the neocon Ben Shapiro. You, dear readers will note at 2min 43sec into the below video that Mr Shapiro is suckered into accepting the questionable premise/narrative that an "assault" weapon was used by the shooter Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre:

This humble scribe has noted a lack of evidence that a so called "assault rifle" was in fact used by the shooter to accomplish his evil deed.

"It wasn’t reported until later that the police had discovered an AR-15 assault rifle in the trunk of the [shooters] car. This AR-15 was not used in the shooting, and police did not initially even know about its presence until conducting that further search."

To date, no videos have been released of the actual shooting event at Sandy Hook. These videos would settle finally the nature of the weapons utilized by the shooter. Nevertheless, no time was wasted by various government spokespersons and their media shills in clambering for a ban on firearms exhibiting scary cosmetic characteristics as well as capabilities of extended use between reloading requirements.



Mark Butterworth said...

I read that, too, but since then I haven't seen any report that conforms that the Ar-15 was not used in the massacre.

Considering how many children were killed when, in fact, the .237 round is not usually that lethal when missing vital organs or heads (but the children were indeed small and the round can do a lot of damage due to its high velocity), I would think the heavier 9mms is what he used. But I'm still waiting to hear the facts.

Francis W. Porretto said...

My estimate is that it will never be confirmed by anyone in the mainstream media, Mark. It should be clear why that's so unlikely.

(Apropos of nothing much, the AR-15 in its usual guise fires the 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington round. I'm rather a fan of that cartridge.)

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Recently released data allege that there were 4 hand guns recovered from the scene as opposed to the number of 2 initially reported by the media. The medical examiner's report mentions ".223 'rifle' projectiles" found in the bodies, but this is not reconcilable with the lack of a weapon capable of firing such a round inside the school. Are we to believe that Lanza fired the AR 15, returned it to the trunk of the vehicle then re entered the school and shot himself? Also, what shell casings were recovered from inside the school? such a question would be easily resolved by a competent crime lab.

There are just too many unanswered questions in this event that would have been easily resolved by any competent forensic investigator. The whole event does not pass the smell test for any dispassionate observer.

Tom said...

Good evening, all.
What IS a fact, is that in the video of the deputy removing the weapon from the trunk, he is seen emptying it using a charging handle on the SIDE!

Many across the gun and patriot sites have speculated that it was a shotgun. The video is of such poor quality that the exact model cannot be ascertained. It doesn't look like a rifle at all.

The one thing that is certain is that it was NOT an AR clone. The ME is obviously lying, but what else is new.

Anonymous said...

I followed this all day, on Fox News. The first reports were of two handguns, a Sig and a Glock. Then a rifle was reported found in the shooter's car trunk, the name Marlin was mentioned. Later, it was reported that the Feds (including the ATF boys) had arrived, and that the rifle in the car's trunk was a Bushmaster. And finally it was announced that all of the victims were shot with an "assault rifle". Does anyone smell a rat?

Mark Butterworth said...

Oops. Didn't quite have the cartridge size memorized as I'd thought. .223 it is, of course.

What they don't want us to know is curious, yes.

Mark Butterworth said...

Not to take the Lord's name in vain, I sincerely mean -- Jesus, when I think of those small children and then that monster among them . . .

Are we really supposed to believe that the person who did that was not in the least responsible for his actions? I find that hard to believe considering the premeditation.

Mark said...

Every discussion/argument/rant on the topic seems to have missed what I think is the most important point: The weapon used is irrelevant.

Even if the AR-15 had been used, it wasn't NEEDED to commit that amount of carnage. The shooter would have done just as much damage with a couple of revolvers and some speed loaders. Heck, he could have had 4 or 5 Civil War reproduction black powder revolvers, dropping one as it was empty, and pulling a loaded one out of a holster. In the situation of terrified kids crowded into a classroom and with nowhere to run, an AR-15 would provide no significant increase in capability -- it would be, in every sense of the word, overkill.

Just because someone in a 500 hp Dodge Viper runs though a crowded school crossing does not mean that the "excessive capabilities" of that car are to blame, or even a contributing factor. The end result would have been the same with a Prius.

Additionally, I am sick and tired of hearing the term "high powered" applied without any clue what it means (other than scary-looking, I suppose). The .223 has half the muzzle energy as a .30-06 -- about 1200 fl-lbs vs. 2500 ft-lbs (with some hunting loads having up to 3000 ft-lbs). (source:

But one cannot have an informed discussion with the people like Mr. Morgan -- facts and logic are not part of their repertoire.

Anonymous said...

That "Bushmaster" in the trunk, claimed by the media and the "authorities" to have been the ONLY WEAPON USED (note that it was IN THE TRUNK) actually appears to be a Saiga shotgun to my eyes - it was distinctly Kalishnikov, not AR.

I too would like to know exactly what shell casings were collected for evidence - a simple unredacted itemized list of the evidence would be very telling.

I also do not believe that it really matters what tool was used, it is the will to kill that is at fault here - if he had used propane to blow up the school (like the Columbine killers tried to do), would the gov be looking to ban portable propane bottles with the same vigor?