Thursday, December 5, 2013


FWP: Sweetie, do you remember when I bought this thing? (scowls at bottom-of-the-line electric razor)
CSO: A long time ago. Several years. Why?

FWP: It might be time to...upgrade.
CSO: To what?

FWP: I don’t know. This one does cut beard hair, or it used to, anyway.
CSO: So? What does it lack?

FWP: Well, there’s no events calendar, and I can’t send email or change channels on the TV.
CSO: Won’t allow you to record programs?

FWP: Nope. And it won’t sync to my phone, either.
CSO: That’s it. You need a new one.

[STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Yes, Gentle Reader, the above exchange actually took place this morning. No foolin’.]

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Steve Sumner said...

It may not be your razor's fault that it won't sync to your phone. My Samsung phone synced up perfectly and then when I was robbed of my phone and they didn't have another Samsung, I settled on the Nokia, which won't sync up like the Samsung did.

Steve Sumner