Monday, December 2, 2013

I Think I'm In Love

This young woman is exactly what America needs. Spread her message far and wide!


  1. Great stuff!
    The most common response of police officers here in Australia when it's pointed out to them (increasingly rarely) that they're behaving like Nazis is a shrug and "I don't make the laws, mate".

    I pray that one day there will be a reckoning.....

  2. I agree that the police in all Western nations - who should know better - almost always back their respective governments without question.

    One of the most sickening examples was the round up of Jews by the Paris police department acting on orders from the Nazis in 1942.

    ...and to my knowledge not one French policeman/traitor was executed for this dastardly and cowardly deed done as lackeys of the Nazi Occupation Government of France.

    The only way I can see to shake this mindless obedience by the police in many Western countries to illegal orders are massive arrests and executions of many thousands police officers as traitors.

    The video of their executions should be part of the course at all police academies as an example - and warning of their fate at the hands of We The People should they ever be tempted to obey illegal orders.

  3. If they don't draw a line, then one is going to be drawn for them. It's that simple.

  4. A transcript of this would make a good letter, too...


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