Wednesday, December 25, 2013

FREEDOM'S FURY Now Available as an Ebook (UPDATED 12/26/2013)

Freedom’s Fury, the concluding volume of the Spooner Federation trilogy, is now available as an eBook.

The women's hour has come:
The highest child of the anarchic world of Hope vows vengeance upon a whole planet...for using her as a weapon.
The greatest healer in history is cast out by her clan...for falling in love.
A planet ruled solely by women seeks to destroy the freest society in avert punishment for an unthinkable crime.

The fate of Mankind hangs once more in the balance.

To those of my readers who've waited so patiently for the conclusion of this saga, I hope it meets with your expectations.

UPDATE: Amazon has just made the paperback edition available as well! Enjoy!


lelnet said...


With pleasure! And relish!

Alex VanderWoude said...

Mwahahahaaaa, my last Christmas present! Hot diggety, what timing.

Rebecca said...

Just visited smashwords and purchased! I have been looking forward to this. (not going to get much done today...)

-Flyover pilgrim

pdwalker said...

been away, went though the archives and went to this post first.

I'll be back after I've read it.

pdwalker said...

And back. I'll post a review on smashwords a bit later.

now some criticism (keep in mind that my only qualification is that I read a lot. I have never written anything of note) and some miscellaneous thoughts

- the prose is some of your best yet. It has noticeably improved, especially since 2003. It's wonderfully subversive.

- If you never return to this universe to play, another epilog alluding to the changes wrought in the Loioc home world would have been interesting. Maybe in the voice of Vellis?

- Is there a rift between Althea and her Grandfather? The ending there is not exactly clear to me. At a guess, I think that Althea was worried about becoming the planetary ruler in light of the political disturbances and her gifts.

- Charisse got off too easy. I find her "conversion" and renunciation of her previous acts... unbelievable. Someone who becomes that twisted seldom, if ever, renounce their ways.

- What happened with the Searching Eye? I guess the damage was done and even if the column was no longer written, there would have been others to carry the torch of envy.

By the time I reached the end of the book, I was having a hard time reading as I was starting to hallucinate, seeing things in the patterns of the white space between words, but I soldiered on. I'll read it again later to see what I missed the first time around.

So... *cough cough* ... Warmlands?