Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calling things by their true name.

Confucius said the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. I don't know what tides of political correctness and neurotic distortion he had to swim against in ancient China but, since the Good Book says there's noting new under the sun, I assume he well knew how public policy depended upon obfuscation and dissembling.

Diana West fired up some unlikely people -- I mean really fired them up -- when she put her finger right on a very raw nerve labeled "communists in the U.S. government and their influence on U.S. policy." Peter Brimelow does the same in the area of our elites' failure to seal our borders against alien invasion when he mentions the word "treason":

Everyone here [Dissident Right dinner club in New York City] is interested in the power of ideas and ideas rule the world and we all agree on that. The difficulty in the immigration debate is what I called in Alien Nation back in 1995 "Hitler’s Revenge." The elites of the West emerged from WWII utterly traumatized by the experience of confronting Nazism. It was so traumatic that they went overboard on the opposite side. They became convinced that any discussion of ethnicity or cultural heritage at all, let alone race, was unthinkable. You couldn’t address these things without being a Nazi.

There is an extraordinary power of this accusation of racism, even among people you think would know better, namely conservatives, as Paul [Gottfried . . .] was saying. They’ve all been swayed by this charge, they’re all terrified.

Until this charge is refuted, we’re not going to get anywhere in the immigration debate.

My personal view is that the counter to the charge of racism is the charge of treason. What these people are doing is treason: they intend to destroy the historic American nation as it had evolved to 1965.[1]

Mr. Brimelow's piece is fascinating

It's not just that the consensus of labor economists is that native-born citizens are hammered by low-wage immigrants; there's an enormous transfer of income from labor to captal. This transfer is something on the order of $100 billion. As he points out, this should be an issue that makes leftist zealots cry for joy, but it's otherwise the case as the pursuit of power trumps any initiatives that would advance the true interests of their supposed followers. As the left apparently sees it, the true interest of labor is to elect leftists who couldn’t care less about labor.

I know. It's confusing.

Do read Mr. Brimelow's piece in which he lays out three possible scenarios for the future, one of which depends upon the white, founding, European peoples of this country waking up.

Notwithstanding, he quotes Herb Stein to the effect that, “Things that can’t go on forever, don’t.”

There will indeed be a huge change. South African whites gave up with hardly a whimper. It remains to be seen if American whites can rouse themselves to fight for the survival of their own country. It's really not clear that they will.

They tolerate: (1) a huge transfer of jobs, manufacturing capability, and technology to a strategic communist rival; (2) their cities being turned into crime-ridden "no go" wastelands by minorities that clearly never intend to participate in a law-abiding, productive America; (3) the debasement of their currency; (4) the compulsory education of their children by their enemies; and, so far, (5) an invasion by some 20,000,000 foreigners who decided in their sole discretion to come here to displace American workers, attach themselves to the welfare system, and demand the right to vote.

[1] "'Hitler's Revenge' And Donor Riots: Why Americans Aren't Allowed To Talk About Immigration." By Peter Brimelow on 10/21/13 (emphasis and first bracketed insert supplied).

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CGHill said...

They won't lift a finger; they've been indoctrinated so long with Everything Is Our Fault, they reflexively side with anyone on the wrong side.