Monday, February 3, 2014


[The following is a Guest Post by Ol' Remus of the Woodpile Report. Given all the gloom and doom I've inflicted on you in recent weeks, perhaps you'll appreciate the breath of optimistic fresh air. -- FWP]

They're doing it again. The moribund Progressives-Lite are warning of lost seats in Congress if tea party activists won't support Republican candidates. You know the drill, "the perfect is the enemy of the good," they say. "We all have to compromise," they say. No, we don't. Compromise is sometimes part of governance, but never part of principle. When a candidate compromises on principle, especially before they're elected, the voter can't know who he represents. Almost certainly not the voter. The idea is stunningly simple: if a candidate doesn't represent the voter, the voter shouldn't support the candidate. It's not the House of Misrepresentatives. But wait, there's more.

Former senator John Warner of Virginia, a Republican, is backing former Governor and Democratic senator Mark Warner for reelection. You'll recall he opposed John Warner in the famous Warner-vs-Warner election. John Warner also endorsed the candidacy of Democrat Michelle Nunn of Georgia, as is former senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, another brand-name Republican. And they're insisting tea party activists support their party? There is no party to support, how plain do they have to make it?

Current politics amounts to the Republican-Democrat Party versus—we'll use a catch-all phrase here—the tea party. The tea party isn't an upstart, it isn't even a party, it's part of a counterinsurgency. Gains must come at somebody's expense. That somebody is the Republican wing of The Party, and why not, they're giving away the high ground with both hands. They may be content to be the progressive's cleanup crew and tax collector but the people have higher aspirations. Liberty, mainly.

Liberty is winning. DC is losing. DC knows it and DC fears it. With their street barricades and check points and retread military equipment, the place looks like Berlin in the Reich's last days of 1945. They're violating and assaulting and even murdering people for petty or imagined offenses, or for no reason at all. Then there's the steady drip-drip of purges and unexplained deaths and puzzling resignations, the conflicting laws and regulations enforced by dozens of overlapping agencies. Some write their own warrants as they swing through the doors and windows. The place ought to be tested for rabies.

DC's secret police watch for the insufficiently servile, their paunchy goon squads harass honest trade and raid self-supplied tangibles and leak tidbits about gulags. Their paymasters owe trillions in unpayable debt yet they flood the market with more, all the while repressing real money—it's un-American you see. News outlets purr over handouts from the propaganda ministry and fawn over their ever-more reclusive masters—it's all there but the lunacy in the Fuhrerbunker when it all comes down on their heads.

The place grows ever more desperate. Gloom and despair have taken hold. Last week, Valerie Jarrett was demoted and David Plouffe was canned. George Soros's personal hatchet men, David Simas and John Podesta, are now running the show. In other words, if it ain't working, do more of it. Obama tells us he'll govern by announcing their commands to a grateful America. What could possibly go wrong?

Now does he feel his title hang loose about him, like a giant's robe upon a dwarfish thief.
[Angus, Scene II, Macbeth]

Meanwhile, everywhere but DC, liberation from fascist servitude is going from success to success. Many states are remembering they're states, not administrative subdivisions. Yes, others still cling to their vassalage, staving off their Hindenberg moment with hysterical decrees, but still others are breaking up like slave ships on the rocks. The worm is turning, the last ditch holdouts are faltering. A historic era is beginning. For citizen journalists and bloggers who've grown accustomed to life under siege: mount up. It's time.

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Outstanding. Let's hope all the oligrachs are thrown out.