Friday, February 28, 2014

The new Never Again Mantra.

Fjordman, elsewhere in the comments on the post that is the source of the following quote, observes with considerable frustration that WWII has been over for a very long time, yet there is forever and forever debate about Nazis and anti-Nazis.

Commenter Hesperado lays his finger, a la James Madison, on how the obsession with Nazis and neo-Nazis is central to the current leftist/liberal campaign to make the debate in the West about immigration, ethnic identity, nationalism, IQ, crime, Islam, our "propositional nation," black underclass dysfunction, "diversity," etc. as dishonest as possible:

The New Hitler which we are committed to be ever vigilant to prevent — by among other things ferretting out any signs of symptoms of even the slightest hints of its incipient revival — must be another White Racist Fascist and it is not only unthinkable that it could be an Ethnic Minority but even to begin to think that Unthinkable is to initiate the process leading to a New Hitler — the very thing we are committed to prevent at all cost.

Thus, the machine is rigidly set:

1) Muslims are an Ethnic Minority (or a wonderfully diverse rainbow of Ethnic Minorities)

2) To begin to generalize pejoratively about any Ethnic Minority is to begin to revive a New Nazism

3) Any criticism of Islam and of Muslims, therefore, must be nipped in the bud in our committment to our longstanding Maginot Line of Stopping a New Hitler before it begins.[1]

To emphasize, it's not an honest concern. National Socialism is as dead as Poujadism, the KKK, tulipmania, or the cargo cults. True, there are occasional sightings, such as of AntiFa in Germany and elsewhere, but the taxonomy is usually mysteriously gotten wrong and those modern-day brown shirts get tagged as just concerned youthful idealists. Hesperado captures the putative noble objective brilliantly but it's really all about suppression and malice.

Red and black fascism, a la Max Eastman, are forever with us and Trevor Loudon, Diana West and Bat Ye'or have done excellent work in showing that. But that's another story.

[1] Comment by Hesperado on "The Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 7/2/11.

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daniel_day said...

Good information and ideas here, Colonel, especially the point about focusing on nazis to drag the talk away from communism. Thank you.