Friday, May 30, 2014

For My Fiction Readers

I’ve just uploaded "A Failure Of Imagination" to SmashWords. It’s free, so go thou forth and enjoy!

PS: Endless thanks to my test reader Adrienne, whose comments on the first draft proved indispensable in smoothing out the final product.

PPS: Please leave reviews! Yes, it's free and therefore "sales" "shouldn't matter" to me, but a free story that's well-reviewed will induce readers to look at my not-free stuff as well!


daniel_day said...

Thank you! Reading it now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fran

A wonderful tale that touched upon some of the "incomplete" areas in my soul.

At 64, I find I am still "growing up".

Best Regards,
(in the NC woods)

Pascal said...

Nicely laid down Fran. Thank you.

Coincidentally, I was stunned by your opening lines.

"Not all who possess great gence are aware of its limitations. It’s often accompanied by great arrogance."


Because just a few hours before you published I suggested to Takuan Seiyo the following

"You may want to consider how the greatest of intellects can be seduced by their skill with pure reason due to their abilities to use it to achieve their greatness."

It fell on deaf ears.

With a bit less arrogance and a bit more understanding such as yours, he just might have stumbled upon the wider implications. Namely, that the greater the intellect the more divine guidance is needed -- and indeed historically is so connected.

Divine or not, the ethic perpetually connected to his subjects is a fact whether or not the subjects abide it.

In some ways I wish I remained silent. But as his final retort was sputtering and unconvincing, I pray some good was achieved in others witnessing our interchange.

pdwalker said...

Your writing continues to improve.

In my opinion, this is your best writing yet.