Friday, May 23, 2014

Timeless truths.

Every country has an army — its own or a foreign one.[1]
Corollary: “Not every invasion is effected by an army.”

Treasonous promotion of mass third-world immigration springs to mind as a example of slow-motion invasion. Afterwards, the rape and killing start slowly and build from there. This is then followed by laughable calls to graft absurd, barbaric laws onto Western legal systems and to create special privileges and forbearances.

Subversion of the host culture follows as the night the day. Rejection of the host culture a given.

Official Western government propaganda is to the effect that 300-1,000 uninvited immigrants a day isn’t really an invasion. Official numbers are vague, bordering on outright lies. Did I say "bordering"?

Piecemeal takeover is no cause to worry. A positive benefit even. Required by way of atonement, if you get right down to it. For that Western perfidy unique in the annals of . . . well, the annals of something.

Eventual goal: People's Republic of Contrite Glopistan.

As Memorial Day approaches, we can contemplate what our honored dead would have thought of turning over our country to inferior cultures. Did the celebrations of VE Day in Europe include an appreciation of the fact that the slaughter and sacrifices of the people of Europe have led to the preservation of nothing that is European? Europe is awash with alien cultures -- and leaders who make Vidkun Quisling look like a freedom fighter. The E.U. is a dictatorship that flaunts the trappings of representative institutions that are, not to put too fine a point on it, useless.

And the British, French, Swedish, Danish, German, and Italian armies serve what purpose exactly? The Italian Navy wets its pants with anxiety lest a single boatload of invading economic immigrants that despise Europe should fail to land on Italian soil.

These are the sediments that earn the righteous Col. Bunny the well-deserved sobriquet of "Mr. Moderate."

[1] “The Gripen.” By Roger Koppel. Die Weltwoche, 5/23/14. Republished at Gates of Vienna, 5/22/14.

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CGHill said...

"... leaders who make Vidkun Quisling look like a freedom fighter."

Exactly so.