Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey, Black People!

The rash of race-based violence -- all of which is black-on-white -- has come to a rolling boil. The black mob attack on a trio of whites in Memphis has now resulted in arrests being made:

The incident occurred on September 6 at a Kroger grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee. Police reported that the large group beat a customer as well as the two store employees in an incident that was caught on video by a store customer. The video was widely viewed on Youtube.

On Sunday afternoon, Memphis police announced that they had arrested a teen for the incident. The 15-year-old, whose name was not reported because he is a minor, appeared in court charged with aggravated assault, aggravated riot, and acting in concert to wit aggravated assault....

Also, police announced Monday the arrest of nine other teens and one adult for the Saturday attacks.

Raheem Richardson, 19, was the oldest person arrested. The others were between 14 and 17 years of age.

Just yesterday, this bit of New York neighborliness was reported:

Two New York women were arrested Monday after allegedly forcing the dwellers of a Brooklyn apartment to flee their home at gunpoint. The attack was apparently racially motivated, as police claim one woman said she was tired of white people moving into her neighborhood.

The pair of African Americans knocked on the door of an apartment in a building on Ocean Avenue at 9:30 PM. Police say they then barged into the apartment threatening residents with a gun.

Once inside, Precious Parker, 30, and Sabrina James, 23, allegedly robbed the three inhabitants of $800, an iPhone, and personal information before demanding that the three vacate the apartment.

The two then stayed in the apartment with the intent of squatting, police say.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder's Injustice Department is "investigating" the Ferguson, Missouri police over the self-defense shooting of petty thief and junior-varsity legbreaker Michael Brown, while Al Sharpton fans the flames of black hatred of whites. Blacks continue to kill other blacks at record rates in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and other majority-black cities -- many of the perpetrators and the victims being teenagers -- but none of that is deemed newsworthy.

But wait: there's more! Courtesy of my beloved Adrienne, we also have this bit of abominable attack propaganda, which I shall refrain from embedding. Only try to watch it if you have nerves of steel and an imperturbably placid disposition.

It's always deplorable to draft children into service for a political agenda. It's orders of magnitude worse when the agenda is as vile as the promotion of unearned, undeserved racial guilt among whites.

I wonder if anyone has ever bothered to inform those kids that:

  • America's black slaves were sold to trans-Atlantic slavers by black tribal kings.
  • Though they were few, there were a number of black slave owners in the antebellum South.
  • Slavery and involuntary servitude came to an end in the United States 149 years ago, with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment -- another gift from whites.
  • That amendment was made possible by the deaths of eight hundred thousand whites in the Civil War.
  • Whites made possible every social and economic advance blacks have enjoyed since then, including all the Civil Rights legislation, every anti-discrimination-in-hiring law, jobs-training program, welfare program, and "affirmative action" program.

But then, who would tell them such things? Not their public school teachers. Not their neighborhood buddies, who are as ignorant as they. And certainly not their absent, usually anonymous fathers.

Racial animus in America is almost entirely an attitude held by blacks toward whites. It's fomented for political advantage by the Left, which profits from the creation of Us Versus Them divisions in American society. In this regard little has changed since the Twenties, when the American Communist Party targeted American blacks as the most promising group among which to recruit and fundraise.

But things are changing. At this point, American whites feel beleaguered enough to take action in self-defense. The statistics indicate that whites are migrating away from areas with a significant black concentration, toward areas where there are few or no blacks. Whites are arming themselves in increasing numbers -- and toting their guns with them whenever and wherever possible. White communities are forming mutual defense arrangements: "neighborhood watches" on the alert for intruders, particularly black intruders. And despite all the laws, the regulations, and the humorlessness of their "equal opportunity" enforcers, whites are finding ways to exclude blacks from their neighborhoods and their businesses.

That last is of particular significance, for a tragic reason: the majority of American blacks are self-supporting, respectable people. However, they act to protect the miscreants among them from the consequences of their actions, just as peaceable Muslims protect the jihadis among them from the eyes and reach of the law.

When older, peaceable blacks:

  • Choose to accept the preachments of Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton;
  • Tolerate irresponsible tomcatting by young black men and the consequent production of illegitimate children by young black women;
  • Decline to discipline unruly black youngsters, including those from female-headed households;
  • Automatically reject as "racist" the objective evidence that blacks are disproportionately the perpetrators of every kind of violent crime and crime against property;
  • Support groups that claim that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were gunned down in cold blood;

...they shield black predators from the retribution that would make it possible for whites to trust and accept them.

The above should serve as a field guide for American blacks who are sincerely interested in improving race relations: do that crap, and things will get worse; do the opposite, and things will improve. The odious video I cited above is the exact opposite approach -- the one guaranteed to cause current trends in racial disharmony to accelerate, possibly to the point of a civil war. It doesn't take a lot of brain power to grasp those facts...yet the trends remain distressingly negative, which suggests either that American blacks aren't interested in interracial amity, or that they're not capable of grasping the cause-and-effect mechanism at work. Choose the explanation that suits you best.


daniel_day said...

Wait a minute, there has got to be a mistake in the report. I'll have you know New York City and N Y State have very strict gun control laws, and there's No.Way. Precious and Sabrina could have gotten their hands on a gun!

Adrienne said...

Could someone explain to me why the so-called black leaders are not going into these neighborhoods and telling these kids the truth instead of fomenting feelings of injustice? I didn't think so. Because it's inexplicable.

I think we're going to see some really big race wars in some of the big cities. The left welcomes that so we will all be distracted from whatever nefarious thing they're cooking up to do next.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

"Could someone explain to me why the so-called black leaders are not going into these neighborhoods and telling these kids the truth instead of fomenting feelings of injustice?"

The short answer: pelf and power!

Ronbo said...

I have an idea to improve the terrible state of race relations in the United States.

I say we elect a black president to bring blacks and whites together.

You people may stop laughing anytime now and hear me out!