Thursday, September 18, 2014

Uh oh.

The Free Syrian Army has announced that it will not sign up to the US-led coalition to destroy Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria. The group’s founder, Colonel Riad al-Asaad, stressed that toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is their priority, and that they will not join forces with US-led efforts without a guarantee that the US is committed to his overthrow……

The announcement comes a day after a ceasefire was signed between another rebel group, the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF), and IS fighters in Damascus. The details of the truce agreement, published by Arabic news site Orient Net, showed that the two sides had agreed not to target each other. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that IS and the SRF had agreed that Assad’s government and the forces allied to it are the principal enemy.[1]

So this leaves precisely whom for Obama to train, arm and sic on ISIS? The available field of "just right" ISIS ass kickers appears to be smaller by something on the order of, oh, ALL of the "moderates" currently in the field in Syria.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade or anything, but isn’t this genius initiative by Spanky and Our Gang who are currently running the country dead in the cradle? Can this be pointed out?

More to the point. This is surely something that is perfectly obvious to anyone within the sound of Rachel Maddow's voice. Ergo, Obama and his controllers don't see ISIS as any kind of a threat to us. No. The threat we're going to spend $500 million borrowed from the Chinese and Japanese on is the Assad government.

When did taking out Assad become our number one foreign policy objective?

Notes. [1] "Middle east press" source quoted in " The Tower Of Babel Comes To Paris: The Folly Of Obama’s “War” On ISIS." By David Stockman, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, 9/18/14 (emphasis added).


neal said...

Laws, guns, and money. Probably going to have to find an exorcist, or two, as this plays out.

Of course, that will play out and not be understood very well. Peace and Safety, hard to watch. We were warned, nobody gets that stuff trying to happen. Off with their heads, and such. Demons like laws, guns, and money.

Hate swine, and stones of destiny.

Reg T said...

Buckwheat has proven, time and again, that he never met an orthodox muslim he didn't like.

Turning millions of Americans into unemployed food stampers hasn't advanced the Cloward-Piven agenda as quickly as he'd like, so Buckwheat and the rest of His Gang are working on bankrupting America by giving billions to a variety of muslim savages, much of it to be used against us and our military - whom he and his faux "wife" despise anyway.

idahobob said...

Look, this outlaw administration tried to get congress to fund the "militants" to over throw the Assad government. They even had their own cheerleaders with John, the traitor at the Hanoi Hilton, McCain, and John, liar and anti war activist, Kerry. Well, congress didn't bite. thankfully.

Now, with the "extreme" crisis, with ISIS or ISIL, choose your poison, they are again after the Assad government.

Same shit sandwich, different crappy day.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Well, I see we're all a bit testy today.


And right on the money. Whatever the heck is going on isn't based in history, logic, or an assessment of the U.S. national interest.

I recently saw a photo of the First Lady (and, believe me, it takes some doing to type that with a straight face) standing with folded arms behind the "president" who was, oddly, saluting as the national anthem was being played. Michele looked like she was having her toenails pulled out with pliers.

That particular patriotic demo has been a real problem for these two. Keep observers of the subtleties of human behavior might conclude these two find this nation tiresome.

I despise Kerry and McCain. The latter's support for amnesty sends me into a near earth orbit.