Saturday, September 20, 2014

Too Good Not To Share

Not being much of a TV watcher, a lot of developments in that medium get past me without my taking notice. But here’s one that deserves notice...and maybe ongoing attention, at that:

I have no idea who Michael Loftus is, or what achievements he has to his name, but the above seems to me enough reason to follow him for a bit, eh what?

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Col. B. Bunny said...

A cool guy.

A rational person would conclude after seeing this -- at a minimum -- that a little skepticism is in order on the issue of AGW. At a bare minimum. But the psychological need to cling to the suspect concept of global warming, let alone AGW, trumps common sense on the part of adherents to the doctrine of AGW.

If a lunatic leftist raises the point about civilian casualties in Gaza or Iraq, that's a valid point that needs to be addressed with facts and logic. The personal deficiencies of the person raising the point are irrelevant if a fair minded person recognizes that a valid point has been made.

But with AGW there just don't seem to be enough silver bullets to create the tiniest doubt in the tenets of AGW, let alone kill the resurgence of the full-blown AGW monster.

It's an interesting truth that if a True Believer were to hear Exxon or some fossil energy think tank attempt to debunk AGW, she'd instantly raise the point of greed and corporate profits as the complete refutation of the arguments being made. But the self interest in profiting from the promulgation of the AGW myth flies completely over her head.