Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leftist betrayal of America.

Read the disgusting story of U.S. leftists’ support for Communists in Vietnam here:
"When Night Fell In Indochina." By Bruce Herschensohn, The New Nixon, date unknown.
It's a joy to read about that human slime. It just never grows old.


gwynn romano said...

The only person left out is our current Secretary of State, John "American Gigolo" Kerry. There must be two generations that believe we were involved in an evil imperialist war against the poor innocent Vietnamese, thanks to the leftists takeover of our media and educational systems.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Also left out was a discussion of the absurd rules of engagement that restricted U.S. forces, esp. the Air Force. I think one was that it was ok to attack a complete SAM site but not one that was still under construction. I thought I had a link but it seems to have evaporated. "Why We Lost in Vietnam" is 404 there now.

Kerry is a man who'd been shamed or laughed into isolation in the boudoir of some heiress in a society with some sense of decency. The "have you no sense of decency" seemed to be the kiss of death for that great American, Sen. McCarthy, but it has no relevance to that freak Kerry.

Talk about a world upside down.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Vietnam had one of the largest bauxite mines (think 'aluminum') in the world. Not far from a big Navy Seabees (construction battalion) installation, was a big Alcoa facility... as we were keeping the world safe from communism, other young Americans were mining bauxite as fast as possible... (think 'strategic minerals') Many times, as we helo'd around the south, or over into countries that we 'technically' weren't in, we saw things that... we were told we did not see.
Also interestingly, when the bauxite was gone, it was time for the troops to come home... Good luck finding any corroborating documentation, because of course we didn't see it and it never happened.