Friday, October 17, 2014

Quickies: A Dead-Center Bull's-Eye Diagnosis

Please read this entire article. Here's the meat of its thesis:

The zeitgeist we are swirling in demands cold, hard decision making coupled with brutal honesty. Neither of which is forthcoming from the angry marxist college professor-in-chief and his army of racial and gender studies ideologues that are dominant in the executive branch of the national government. If you are part of that government, you’d might start to wonder if you are doing anything of value when you have to lie with every breath you take about everything you do to everyone, except to your fellow apparatchiks inside the bubble.

While the apparatchiks may think that the rest of the country is too stupid to understand, it is they who look stupid, detached from reality, and quite frankly, psychotic. Invented crises like; “climate disruption,” a transgendered military, wife beating in the NFL, white privilege, micro-aggression, the ongoing oppression of the leftist white woman in academia and corporate America, are all signs of a society that is ignoring the very real, very hard, and very deadly realities that are pressing down on the nation.

My only divergence from this assessment is this: The apparatchiks might look stupid, but there's a nonzero probability that their actions (and inactions) are having precisely the effects they intend...and that probability rises as we near the pinnacle of the power elite.


Joseph said...

"You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity."---Robert Heinlein in "Logic of Empire"

Anonymous said...

At first, I wanted to sympathize with the behavior of all levels of governance since my birth (1968). Public schools offered no questions or answers on this issue. But, as I have learned my own lessons in life, the obviousness of the fraud and criminal objectives has become clear. Good men avoid government service in elected leadership positions (wishing to avoid corruption and bad associates), ambitious-seeming (lazy, wealth/power seekers, envious destroyers) men strive and always win those positions.

Stupid people can't distribute "failure" so perfectly.