Friday, October 31, 2014

Not loathsome?

If you're ever tempted to think that the GOP is, in the main, not loathsome, you should read Chuck Baldwin's excellent article below.

It's important to vote against the ultra leftist, sellout, anti-white, progressive Democrat trolls this one last time but, after we get the finger in the eye from the GOP sellouts and cowards after this election, which we will, it will be time to go full third party.

"Reince Priebus And Amnesty–'There You Go Again!'" By Chuck Baldwin,, 10/30/14.


Drew said...

The time for the third party is long since come and gone. I am tired of watching our country go to hell in a handcart while we watch and keep getting older.

I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. Every Man must draw his line in the sand. I am done compromising with the gov't. It is time to start seriously removing our consent to be enslaved by these bastards.

It's time to Starve the Monkeys.

Anonymous said...

To imagine the vote counts . . .

Is simply to imagine. jb

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thomas Fleming in the November '14 Chronicles noted that those in Congress are 0.0002% of the population. To influence a particular representative a person without wealth must somehow rise above the other 600,000 other constituents of that person.

Once a rep is in office, there is no way short of impeachment to remove him. They are on autopilot after election.

Plus, all issues have been federalized. Too many squirrels in your yard. A federal problem.

And your fellow citizens will send, what, 90% of them back to Congress. Just guessing at the number. But it's up there.

Joseph said...

Cowards? Sellouts? What if they really are in favor of deregulating immigration?