Monday, August 17, 2015

Extremely Quickies: An Incomplete Analysis

     While perusing online news sources, I ran across this headline:

8 Outdated Dating Practices You Need to Ditch Before You're 30

     ...which of course drew my attention to the article itself. It offers some good, common-sense advice, but nowhere does it cite the most important of the practices one must give up before 30:

9. Dating.

     Maybe I spend too much time online.


Eskyman said...

Fran, this is a sore topic with me. My sister, whom I do love greatly, is now dating again. Let's see: I'm pushing 70... and she's 6 years younger than me. Hmmm.

My math is rusty, but I reckon that makes her "over 30." Oh dear. Sigh. SMH!

I do agree with you, but this potato is way too hot for me to pick up! (I only pray that she doesn't run into one of those "nice" guys who will help her out of her pension after they have run through her savings!)

Reg T said...

My question, Fran, is where the heck you came across that article to begin with? I am _definitely_ NOT au courant in the sort of magazines young ladies read for that sort of advice (the first thing that came to mind was Ladies Home Journal - does that date me or what?), it sounds like one of the kinds of questions a person might see in Cosmopolitan or something similar. (Hmm. "Before you're 30" makes it sound more like Mademoiselle or Teen Magazine, if those are still being published ;-)

Are you willing to man-up and admit where you found it? And does the CSO know you surf there? :-)

Francis W. Porretto said...

Fox News, Reg. Yes, Fox News. Really.