Monday, August 24, 2015

Off the reservation.

As an airline pilot I have stayed in many US and foreign [cities] and the only two that we, me and my crew, were told to not venture out of the hotel or if we did to go in pairs or more were Newark and Cincinnati. Both warnings were due to black crime against whites.
Signs of the times.
In Cinci it was so bad that even in a downtown top quality hotel our flight attendants were told to never get on an elevator from the lobby with a black man already in it because he most likely got on in the basement or parking garage level and would pose a robbery or rape threat. At the airport the service staff at places like Starbucks and many of the airport kiosks were so openly rude that it would make your jaw drop. I remember standing at a Starbucks for three minutes while the two black girls working there had a conversation while ten or more people waited in line. Atlanta is not far behind.
~ Comment by inspectorudy on Cincinnati's Race Problem." By Karl Ushanka, American Thinker, 8/24/15.

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