Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quickies: A Multicausal Malady

     This article has drawn considerable interest from the uncritical fans of armed, uniformed bureaucrats police:

     A sharp spike in the murder rates of Democrat-controlled cities across America is one of the consequences of the increased tension between police and black Americans; tension that has been stirred up by both the liberal media and by Democrat-aligned radical political activist group Black Lives Matter.

     As Baltimore announced it is embedding federal agents with its homicide unit after one of the highest murder rates in years, the Washington Post took note of the sharp increases in other cities like New Orleans and Atlanta:

     Some blame the increase in violence on the “Ferguson Effect” — officers pulling back on tough enforcement because of the intense focus on police-involved shootings like the one that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., last August.

     In neighborhoods where police have long been viewed with suspicion, people use their cellphones like all-seeing periscopes every time police officers get out of their cars. Officers and the unions that represent them describe a combination of surveillance and skepticism, with body cameras, ACLU recording apps and jeering wherever they go.

     But while the correlation between anti-police activism and increasing murder rates is strong, note that all those Democrat-run cities also have:

  • Large black and Hispanic populations;
  • Large numbers of welfare dependents;
  • Extremely restrictive gun-control ordinances.

     ...which leads me to wonder whether a city that experienced significant anti-police activism but which is overwhelmingly white, or which knows little or no welfarism, or had simultaneously reduced restrictions on the public bearing of arms, would suffer a similar rash of homicides.

     I know, I know: Where there are Democrats in power, there will be large “minority” communities, significant welfare dependence, and rigid anti-gun laws. All the same, it makes you think: Are the Democrats secretly in favor of high murder rates?

     Try it out on your left-leaning friends.

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Reg T said...

In the novel, _Neither Predator Nor Prey_, Mark Spungin wrote of the Federal government building an intentionally poorly constructed "prison" on Wyoming land, filling it with a large number of black prisoners, and then arranging to have the guards and staff leave in the middle of the night with the gates - and the door to the armory, IIRC - open. To "pay back" Wyoming's refusal to enforce draconian new gun laws upon her citizens.

The Feds had also confiscated almost all of the ammunition the Wyoming National Guard had at their facilities, claiming it was needed elsewhere. You can imagine what ensued.

Could it be this push to "integrate" communities where there currently are few blacks is meant to cause mayhem at some time further down the road? Is this part of the whole socialist, Cloward-Piven, "bring America to its knees" plan?

The big push by this administration to increase hostility between black, white, asian and hispanic, the race baiting and the incitement of rioting along with the demand - as was openly done in Baltimore - that law enforcement allow blacks to do as they please without consequences, makes me think our government has been hijacked. Not by a "Manchurian Candidate", but by a "Manchurian Administration". By an actual machine (as has been common in Chicago politics for so many years) that was created with forethought, with years of planning, with the knowledge that, if they could get it elected, the plans of the Fabians, the Politburo, of Stalin and FDR could reach fruition much sooner than they had actually thought they might.

I refuse to accept that what we see happening could possibly be attributed to stupidity, to incompetence. Certainly, a desire to "fundamentally transform America", to create a socialist nation out of the remains of our Republic, is stupid. Nonetheless, the near achievement of that goal - and I really don't see us avoiding it in some last minute "Hail Mary" play - is clever. The way they have appealed to all that is base and corrupt in people like Boehner and McConnel, Clinton and Pelosi, Reid and McCain, the way they have manipulated Congress, SCOTUS, voting, the way they have weaponized bureaucracies like the IRS and EPA, is almost brilliant.

Even if those in the White House and in Congress individually are (and they _are_) narcissistic, ignorant, racist, short-sighted fools themselves, willing traitors who have sold us out to islam, Iran, and China, whatever the motive force is that drives these fools must be respected for how completely they have manipulated the government of this country. For how wisely they have chosen the tools they wield to bring America to her knees. For the fact that we were fools enough to think that electing just _ANY_ black man could go well for our security, for our future. That more people didn't see what a cheap, empty suit he is, thinking a "community organizer" could do anything except raise the level of hatred between races as he has done his entire life.

Enough. When the forced integration of communities with welfare drones, gang members, and violent criminals begins, anyone in this country who wishes to escape the intended destruction had better be prepared to make some hard choices.