Thursday, April 6, 2017

An Announcement

     I’ve just deleted my account. I couldn’t take the rampant anti-Semitism any longer. It seems to be pervasive. No matter how diligently I filtered out users who expressed rabid anti-Semitic sentiments, I couldn’t stay ahead of the lava flow.

     I’m sick of it. I’m an Irish Catholic – yes, despite my surname – and the Irish know something about persecution. Time was, Northern employers would routinely end their help-wanted ads with “No Irish need apply.” But no other people on Earth have known the intensity nor the relentlessness of persecution the Jewish people have suffered.

     The Hell of it is that is currently the only viable alternative to Twitter for the sort of single-shot micro-blogging it supports. Its developers and managers appear to be both competent and decent. I can’t blame them for not imposing a censorship regime specifically to occlude anti-Semitic outbursts, when their hatred of censorship is what animated their development of Gab in the first place. So I decided that I simply don’t belong there.

     Now, this might seem a bit off-axis, given that I’m an admitted racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, and white nationalist. Perhaps you’re laughing at me as you read this; you have every right. But I can’t and won’t tolerate the abuse of the Jews. They need defenders more than any other identifiable category of Mankind; just look at what the Muslim Middle East has been doing to them. Yet they ask nothing but to be left alone.

     Don’t slather me with your blather about Jewish financiers. Would you like to know why Jews are over-represented in the finance industry? It’s because for most of Western history, finance was one of the few trades they were permitted to practice. Pre-Enlightenment Europe would tolerate Jews as financiers, jewelers, and in some places butchers. Post-Enlightenment Europe tried to kill them all...and contemporary Europe is importing Muslims to whom to delegate the chore.

     Don’t rave to me about the government of Israel. It’s a government. It’s not a people. Governments are all objectionable to some degree. It certainly doesn’t speak for the entirety of the Jewish people worldwide. And despite my dislike of governments generally, the government of Israel is far less objectionable than most of those extant today.

     While not a philo-Semite in the strict sense, in any clash between the Jewish people and their detractors, I will stand with the Jewish people. No one who wants my good opinion will do otherwise where I can hear or read it. Comments submitted to Liberty’s Torch that denigrate “the Jews” or formulate conspiracy theories about them will be summarily rejected. Nor will I entertain any “arguments” to that effect.

     For those of you looking to put this down to some sort of prejudicial personal connection: yes, my wife is Jewish; I didn’t care when we met and I don’t care today. My first wife was also Jewish. She was also one of the most brilliant women it’s been my privilege to know. Do you think a Certified Galactic Intellect would willingly keep company with a dullard, much less sleep with one?

     Take your anti-Semitic garbage elsewhere. I won’t have it here.