Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good Lord!

     A third post, on a day I’d rather hoped to spend on other things? Well, if I must. The deluge of exceedingly nasty incoming email makes it necessary.

     I am a racist. I’ve made that plain a number of times. However, I am also a scientist, in the exact sense of the word: I respect hypotheses supported by the confirmations of repeatable experiments, and am willing to admit when I’m wrong. What I don’t respect is inane slander, contempt, and assertions made in defiance of the observable facts.

     The piece below embodies my convictions, albeit indirectly. Allow me to make them maximally explicit:

There are statistical differences among the races.
Those differences are manifest in several areas of human achievement.

     Feel free to disagree. My self-regard will be unaffected. But contemptuous, slanderous, , factually incorrect, and otherwise inane comments will do nothing to change my convictions.

     Now for something not so different after all.

     There’s an idea going around that’s drawn some odium. That idea is embodied in a phrase I won’t use just yet. The idea is founded on the belief that the statistical differences between the races make it unlikely that a multiracial society – more specifically, a society that mixes blacks with whites and Asians – can never be adequately stable or peaceful. In consequence of that belief, its holders advocate a political separation of the races, each to nations and / or continents of its own.

     I’m sure you’ve guessed the magic phrase by now. It’s white nationalism.

     Mind you, the proponents of black nationalism have never heard so much as a word of criticism for their representation. Indeed, many whites – frankly, I’d rather not include them among us, but facts are facts – have provided their aspirations with encouragement. But white nationalists are treated as if they were hate-filled, genocidal maniacs.


     It’s fairy simple, really: Nowhere in the world is there a black-run nation that has come anywhere close to the standards of living, public order, and general gentility that the white-run nations of the West – for shorthand, the “First World” – have achieved in their own lands. Blacks believe, probably correctly, that their ascent to white levels of prosperity and peace depend upon their association with whites. History – specifically the history of European colonialism in Africa – provides ample evidence to that effect.

     Therefore, the political separation of the black and white races would be disastrous for the blacks. They cannot be serious about their racial nationalism; it would cost them far too much. When white nationalism rises to challenge them, to compel them to put up or shut up, they feel the threat in their bones.

     I have not the slightest sympathy for them.

     I see no need to beat this into the magma layers. I stand where I stand on the basis of statistical evidence and well-recorded historical facts. You, of course, are free to disagree. Indeed, you’re free to marshal evidence and concoct arguments as to why I’m mistaken. If you can do so, very well: invite my attention to them; mail a link to your argument to my public email address. But the slightest hint of contempt for me or my evidentially well supported, logically arrived at position will cause me to ignore you.

     I have sufficient confidence in my own intelligence to snort such slights aside.