Saturday, April 22, 2017

How is this not treasonous?

I don't lightly throw around the word "treason." It's the most serious crime there is, worse even than murder which only affects one or a few. But "treasonous" gets us thinking about the issue of who's "us" and who's "them" without getting all steamed up over legal definitions. As things go these days , even such a general inquiry is a much neglected one.

Here's a passage from an article about a French fellow who's done some serious analysis of French realities, particular French real estate:

[Guilluy] aims only to show that, even if French people were willing to do the work that gets offered in these prosperous urban centers, there’d be no way for them to do it, because there is no longer any place for them to live. As a new bourgeoisie has taken over the private housing stock, poor foreigners have taken over the public—which thus serves the metropolitan rich as a kind of taxpayer-subsidized servants’ quarters. Public-housing inhabitants are almost never ethnically French; the prevailing culture there nowadays is often heavily, intimidatingly Muslim.[1]
Just noticing the ethnic decomposition of major Western cities is such as to make a reasonable person who thought he lived in "his" nation wonder when it was that the government decided to welcome a tidal wave of foreigners that has, in some cases, made him a minority in his own capital city, as is the case in London. In the words of John Cleese, London is no longer British.

One hears the "f" word at every turn these days but never the other "f" word, namely, the word "foreigner." It's the word that can never be uttered for to the beautiful people of our moribund civilization it's a dirty word, without meaning. We're all law-abiding pals with a love of tortillas, halal food, monkey brains, and genital mutilation, aren't we? Huddled masses!

Not foreign.

In the military, it's woe to the man who falls asleep at his post. The idea is that he exists to keep the enemy out of the area he and his comrades control. But there's no longer a place for such thinking in the minds of beautiful people with oh-so-much education in the things that aren't. No. For them immigration is a sacred thing.

But look at the result. Public housing that was built for French people at the time is now exclusively housing for foreigners bent on being parasites and taking over. Native Frenchmen, in this case, were pushed aside, as is also the case now in Sweden where white Swedes are pushed out of public housing to make way for foreigners.

Some might argue that stupidity does not bootstrap one into the realm of treason, but this isn't stupidity and the slow but huge increases in the presence of hostile foreigners is no less an unopposed or encouraged invasion because the invaders come with diaper bags and without visible weapons. It's not stupidity; it's a deliberate betrayal under the banner of the loathsome slogan, "Diversity is our strength." Even circus contortionists don't dare to attempt that kind of twisted thinking.

The people who have done this deserve the punishment reserved in more sensible times for "treasonous" behavior. Each person's last words "But I didn't know!" can be duly noted for the record.

[1] "The French, Coming Apart." By Christopher Caldwell, City Journal, Spring 2017.


Unknown said...

Maybe we will once again see Madam Guillotine erected at Place de la Revolution.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The wholesale abandonment of the true liberal order (free speech, limited government, rule of law, representative government, free press), patriotism, and nationalism will not go well. Parasitism, fiscal recklessness, confiscatory taxes, and anarcho-tyranny combine with that to totally undermine civil society.

Anarchy cannot be dealt with other than by violent means. Not for nothing did the British have the Riot Act. If the state won't act, however, decent people will, with all that entails of excess.

Nothing can stop the Muslim or African demographic assault on Europe. Europeans can meekly surrender to that or they can restore Europe as it was by drastic means. Liberalism (late-stage, rotten version) created the conditions for white suicide; illiberal methods will correct the problems it created.