Wednesday, August 30, 2017

If You Thought They Were Kidding... were mistaken. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, has begun to obscure those videos it deems “offensive” or “inappropriate.” The first such video to be “sandboxed” is Jared Taylor’s Race Differences In Intelligence, in which he discusses the evidence for persistent, racially correlated, statistical differences in the distributions of various measures of human intellect. The video is available, but YouTube has made it difficult to share and impossible to comment on or embed.

     I’ve captured a copy of the video; apparently YouTube hasn’t managed to forbid that. At nearly 200 MBytes it’s too long to email, so those who want a personal copy will need to download it themselves. If there’s anyone who knows how to embed a playable video in a Web page without YouTube support, the information would be most valuable.

     How long do you think it will take for wildly popular lecturer Jordan Peterson’s videos to be treated this way? After all, Dr. Peterson has grievously sinned against the “trans” community by denying them their free choice of pronouns! Hasn’t Canada made that a criminal offense?

     The big push by the thoroughly SJW-colonized tech giants to prevent those of us with conservative, race or sex realist, or otherwise “dangerous” opinions from spreading them is under way. If you value the ability to communicate that the Web has brought us, the time to defend it is now.

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I can put it up on my server, if you want.