Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ignoring the elephant.

What Russian expansionism? is more like it, though Gen. Jack Keane appears to think the Russians are bent on world domination. Keane is the poster warrior for civilian control of the military. Anyway . . . web commenter Paul Hill has a good point:
It does not puzzle me that anyone should be concerned about a foreign power involving itself in an election. It does however seem that the crows have come home to roost. Chile, Argentina, Panama, Vietnam, Cuba (unsuccessfully),Iraq, Iran...are all places the US didn't mind manipulating governments in their favour. However, I do find it extremely puzzling that Americans are concerned about the influence of Russia when its government is so obviously paid for and managed by Big Money and corporate interests. Hmmm...the freedom to vote for either Coke or Pepsi? Where's the freedom? Seems to me this all a smoke and mirrors to distract everyone from the fact that "Democracy" is weakly gasping for any sign of life --- not with a bang but a whimper.[1]
Mr. Hill's point about the influence of big money on U.S. politics is on target. It's bizarre then that, instead of addressing this (and vote fraud) and the wholesale foreign bribery that screams for attention with respect to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons personally, the U.S. press and the political whores on Capitol Hill are obsessed with the deleterious influence of THE RUSSIANS (!!!)

[1] Comment by Paul Hill on "Trump’s breathtaking surrender to Russia." By Michael Gerson, Washington Post, 7/20/17.

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