Monday, April 30, 2018

Quickies: Life, Death, And Matters Of State

     By now, anyone who reads Liberty’s Torch will be aware of the fate of Alfie Evans, whose parents were denied, by the British government, any opportunity to save him from the murderous claws of the British National Health Service (NHS). Indeed, armed men were posted around the hospital in which Alfie was confined, so the NHS could starve Alfie to death without interference.

     This atrocity must be publicized worldwide. It’s already received considerable play on conservative websites and talk radio. But that’s not all that’s required.

     Questions must be asked, and loudly:

  1. When Alfie failed to die “minutes after life support was removed,” as the NHS doctors assured us he would, why did they not revise their opinion of his vitality and prospects for survival?
  2. Had Alfie been the child of parents who are not British citizens, would the NHS doctors have taken a different attitude toward him – or toward his parents’ right to remove him from their “care?”
  3. Had Alfie been the child of Muslim parents, would the NHS have obstructed their quest for treatment that might allow their son to live rather than to die?
  4. Are the doctors who condemned Alfie to a slow, painful death by starvation willing to stand before the television cameras and justify their totalitarian decrees? What about the judge who ruled against Alfie’s parents’ ordinary parental rights over their child – rights that would have been honored without question in a civilized nation?

     I want the answers. I’d say Britons who are parents, or who are contemplating becoming parents, would want them too. Do you, Gentle Reader?


Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

I'm not normally a man prone to tears or much emotion at all. But This really got to me.

Horrific. Satanic. This is where the worship of idols, and not God, gets a culture, a country, a person.

When Western Civilization is at its best, it shines through because of its respect for human life; when firefighters and Coast Guardsmen and regular people risk their lives just to save ONE life. Because preserving life matters; life is a gift from God.

Western Civilization and Christianity's emphasis on Life (the betterment of it, the saving of it, etc) resulted in the most golden Age the world has ever known: Pure existential capital, granted by God and those who believe in him and serve him.

Atheists and Progressives and Marxists and Globalists, in a Venn diagram that looks like an perfect circle, continue to squander it. They'll do it until we stop them.

Akaky said...

I read somewhere the other day that the British can no longer be considered subjects; they are now objects that the government can do as they please with.

Linda Fox said...

The failure of the condemned patients to die immediately is completely unacceptable to the ruling elite. Unfortunately, those dissident patients, and their families that protest, are leading to a new Great Awakening.

It started with the Terry Shiavo case, when a non-terminal woman was deliberately put to death by starvation and dehydration. Quite painful, and only necessary to a medical system - and a 'husband' - who wanted her to DIE, ALREADY!

She obstinately refused to comply. Worse, she gave some indications of NOT being completely without meaningful brain function.

That was completely outrageous behavior, as her 'husband' wanted to marry again.

Without divorce that could force him to support her as long as she lived.

Bring in the Medical Death Squads. Who did the dirty deed, with the assistance of the legal system.

This was the start of my career in blogging. Before this, I was an occasional blogger/commenter. This struck me as an unjustifiable use of the legal system to kill an innocent woman. From that point on, I stopped blindly going along with the majority.

It's one thing for someone in agonizing pain to be medicated so heavily that the process of death is sped up. That's an allowable use of painkillers, and even the Catholic Church is OK with the practice.

MOST of these 'death by kindness' cases do NOT involve pain.

At least, until the state steps in to ensure that the non-terminal WILL DIE, ON SCHEDULE.