Monday, April 30, 2018

Starbucks & Restrooms

I'm sitting in a Starbucks located in Rock Hill, SC - the site of one of the first 1960's lunch counter sit-ins. I didn't go there to test out the bathroom amenities (although, I did use them BEFORE ordering). The fact that I wasn't admonished to buy before using may have had more to do with the fact that I used them FIRST, before sitting down for an extended time.

I'm also using a cane today, which gives me the sympathy exemption. I have apparently either injured a tendon in my ankle, or experienced a stress fracture (the less likely explanation). I can't put weight on the foot, lest I drop to the floor screaming in agony. I am here to decide on which doctor to use for this issue.

My usual podiatrist, a great doctor - Alpine Podiatry, Dr. Crabtree - does not take Medicare. So, I'm forced to go elsewhere to have this thing Xray'd and managed. I may have to use Urgent Care, as my own doctor can't handle the x-ray himself. Life was SO much easier when we had Kaiser in Cleveland (although, they have cut back a lot lately, according to others who've use them).

The Starbucks where I'm sitting is all White - staff, customers - at this time.

Whoops. A Black customer - a woman - just walked in.

The demographics here reflect the neighborhood - near a University, somewhat upscale.

Well, I've finished my scone (the dear barista suggested it, and volunteered to bring it to me to reduce the stress on my ankle - Bless her!), so I'm off to Urgent Care.

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