Monday, April 2, 2018

Pedestrian matter.

My Acer Android tablet Gboard keyboard was giving me fits. Gboard was very imprecise or irritating in recording keystrokes and making auto-corrections. “The” invariably was changed to “tgf” and “of” became “if” without fail. I suspect it had become corrupted as pressing the space bar after, say, “highway” became “highwayCCCCCC” with one “C” per press. It certainly didn’t “learn” the problem with “tgf.” Choosing a suggested word with cursor in the middle of the suspect word was futile and yielded not the suggestion but gibberish. Starting a new paragraph could sometimes cause several following words to clump together with no more spaces.

Problem solved by installing Perfect Key from the App Store. It has a clearer, more vivid layout and less of the butterfingers effect. I can also customize “key” height and use different backgrounds, some free and some not IIRC.

Anyway, if you didn’t know that alternate keyboards are available (duhh) now you know.

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