Sunday, December 6, 2015

Antidote to all political scheming.

Brett Stevens campaign speech:
Greetings, everyone. Settle down there in front. My name is Brett Stevens and I’m running for president. I don’t stand a chance of winning, but neither does anyone else in a democracy. No one laughing… oh wait, there’s a few. No, don’t throw tomatoes. Anyhoo, I wanted to introduce my campaign.

I’m not running on the right or the left, although my approach is conservative, because my politics are from before the time when we split into right and left and murdered innocent people in the name of ideology. My political ideology is really simple, actually. Here it is:

I believe that every idea needs to be measured in terms of its results.

Soo…. that doesn’t sound controversial, but it is. This means that what you think of the idea is not important. All that matters is whether it works, and if you decide that you like it even though it fails and you can rationalize that, you don’t get to have it. Results only, and by that I mean effects in reality from now until the end of time. No dodging responsibility here.

* * * *

And of course that’s not going to win. (Laughter). If I wanted to win, I’d be part of the Free Donuts and Beer Party and everyone would love me.[1]

I love this gent.

Sadly, the Free Donuts and Beer Party can never be defeated. The 16th Amendment[2] handed 40 zillion dollars to politicians in perpetuity with which to buy votes so that was the end of The Great Experiment.

Free Donuts and Beer man.

Personally, I prefer calling the FDB Party The Lowest Common Denominator Party (examples here and here), but I'm just quibbling. By whatever name, it's a magnet for patriots.

[1] "Stevens4Prez 2016: How I’d save the middle class." By Brett Stevens, Amerika, 12/5/15.
[2] The 16th also repealed the 13th Amendment but this is little understood.


Howard Nelson said...

Judging the value of ideas on the results of their implementation often takes unpredictable time in an inconsistently changing environment or context.
As a traditionalist, best to take small steps in short time periods up the ladder of mutual benefit.

Weetabix said...

I prefer the term "Free Shit Army" but I could be persuaded to others.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Nelson, no question about that. However, with some things the results are in. Examples: Keynesianism, a private central bank, the income tax, administrative rule making, central planning, the "living" constitution (think "flexible" wedding vows), the war on poverty (a/k/a the war on common sense), affirmative action, multiculturalism, mass immigration, "regime change," and Muslim anything.

The results of male homosexual "marriage" are not yet clear but those statistical forms that divorcing couples have to submit to the state will pile up in time and no doubt reveal that such "unions" have a half life of one year. The real tragedy of women being turned against their own nature and the natural scheme of things has has yet to reveal itself in all its sadness and confusion.

The value of small steps is undeniable. What educated people come up with by way of grand schemes is invariably destructive and ruinously expensive.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Weetabix, that is a powerful descriptor and I endorse it wholeheartedly.