Monday, December 7, 2015

Extremely Quickies: This Is The Thing In A Nutshell

     John C. Wright is primarily a writer of science fiction, but in my estimation he’s a far better essayist than a novelist. Here’s an example of his best:

     Multiculturalism is not a doctrine, it is an attitude: the attitude is to praise inferior and savage societies in any ways in which they differ from Christendom, and to blame, scold, vilify and upbraid Christendom for any ways in which we differ from Utopia. It is the attitude of a nagging wife unwilling to divorce a hard-working husband and provider she hates and loathes. Multiculturalism is nagging.

     It cannot be put better.


  1. Aye, JCW is good.

    And thanks for stopping by the CtC slumblog!

  2. Wright's formulation is superb.

    Reminds me of a Cold War bon mot regarding Establishment weakness and confusion: "There's no benefit to being America's friend, and no penalty for being America's enemy."

  3. Is there any logical explanation of why multiculturalism is a benefit to an individual or society?

    All things considered, of course.

  4. Multiculturism is more than nagging. It is a wife who seeks to kill the husband she does not want to live with, while refusing to leave him. When poisoning him doesn't work, she will arm herself and attempt to kill him that way.


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