Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Something unclean.

The US is engaged in a vast “pivot” project to remove secular regimes that are hostile towards Washington, control vital resources from North Africa through the Middle East and across Central Asia, establish military bases wherever necessary, maintain the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and redraw the map of the ME in a way that best suits the commercial and strategic interests of its core constituents; the banks, the multinational corporations and the big weapons manufacturers.[1]
I'd add
  1. to advance the agenda of Saudi Wahhabism,
  2. to destroy Western nation states, and
  3. to destroy resistance to the elite formula for bankruptcy and murder by
    • undermining free speech,
    • fanatically encouraging mass immigration,
    • holding sham primaries and elections funded by the super rich,
    • using the MSM to propagate complete fairy tales, and
    • leaving our national borders undefended.
There was a time when we had an honorable foreign policy. That time has passed. Whatever that foreign policy is, it's not one that has been presented to the people of the U.S. And what has been presented is a lie.

Workable going-in assumption.

[1] "Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet." By Mike Whitney, The Unz Review, 12/15/15.


Reg T said...

Assad is likely too beleaguered to think of it, but since Obama committed an act of war by being involved in the attempt to overthrow him (Assad, the leader of his country), he would be justified in responding. Obviously, he does not have the resources to fight a conventional war against the U.S., but that would not rule out the possibility of sending agents of his government or military to strike our country's leader, Obama.

Perhaps a handsome, well-endowed man introduced to Obama as a devout muslim, perhaps introduced by someone known to Obama who procures entertainment for his enjoyment. Two such men, muslims willing to die for their "religion", might gain the agent entrance to Obama fairly easily.

I don't write fiction, but it would seem an possible way to realize an end to Obama's desire, at least, to overthrow Assad. And if the agent was also linked to the Saudi royal family, we could be discussing two birds, rather than one.

Anonymous said...

Damned straight! Well said.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think Assad has his hands full just staying alive and such an assassination seems out of character for the Syrian temperament. Not that I'd know much about it but that somewhat secular nation seems to suit the Syrians. Not that Assad hasn't killed one or two inside or next to Syria. Still, I can't think of something with more potential for serious blowback than targeting the leader of a major country, even if he's a swine. The U.S. is still a long way from any kind of an epiphany on the malodorous policy of Obama there.

The Russian help has saved Assad and appropriately so. It can't but be delicious to expose the double dealing and lies of the U.S. elites.

Still, I'm puzzled why Assad hasn't initiated a propaganda offensive by taking the illegal U.S. war on Syria to the U.N. Illegal per the U.N. Charter and the Constitution. Alinsky reasonably urged that you should use your enemy's rules against them. Why not now?

Reg T said...

I'm wondering if Assad didn't put feelers out earlier in this debacle and was made to understand that the UN favors islam at this time, and subsequently gave up? That might have driven him into the arms of Putin and maybe China as well.I would purely love it if Assad came out on top, even if there isn't much left when all is said and done. Anything to disrupt Obama's desire to help usher in a universal caliphate.

I know, of course, it will never happen, but I'd love it if Obama had to spend the rest of his life as a prisoner at Guantanamo, listening to the song of the muezzin over the Camp's loudspeaker system, if he ever heard it again at all.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a good point. The Gen. Assembly is muslim-dominated or close to it. The Sec. Council has Britain, France, and the U.S. on it so we'd work against him. Still, good to force the issue even if just to force your enemy to state his legal position. The organization's reason for existence is supposed to be just these situations.

The only good thing about one more year of Obama is that it still hasn't gotten bad enough to enrage voters.