Thursday, December 10, 2015

The U.S. has no intention of fighting ISIS.

UPDATE (12/9/15):

The U.S. "categorically" denies its planes struck the Syrian Army at Deir az-Zor but that they attacked a target 55 kms. away. The Russians confirm this but say this is not "the whole truth" according to Alexander Mercouris.[1] They say that four other aircraft belong to two other countries (identity not specified) in the anti-ISIS coalition "were also flying at the time of the air strike over Deir az-Zor."

The Russians are pointing out that the U.S. "has failed to admit to the presence of these aircraft" and ask why?

On that question, Mercouris points out:

  • After the strike ISIS fighters were able to storm the Syrian Army position, raising the issue whether coalition planes were providing air cover for ISIS;
  • Deir az-Zor is "the area of Syria from which the Islamic State exports most of its oil" raising the question whether the air strike "was in some way connected to the illegal oil trade, and might have been intended to protect it";
  • The U.S. is remaining silent about the presence of those other planes, raising the question whether the U.S. wishes to protect those nations; and
  • The Russians are "well informed" about the incident and may be signaling that their intelligence capabilities are "very effective."
ORIGINAL POST (12/9/15):
6. “Our boys” will not be fighting ISIS, whatever the media may tell you. ISIS is on our side. ISIS is NATO. “Our boys” will be fighting alongside ISIS and a ragtag of mercenaries and lunatics and sociopathic mass murderers killing Syrian civilians, soldiers of the Syrian army, and maybe even Russians (all of whom are actually fighting ISIS). Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and all the other smirking morons are obediently lining up for WW3 to defend US imperialism. Because they’re too torpid, corrupt and stupid to know what they are doing.[2]
Everyone stand on their head in the corner who believes that the December 6 U.S. attack on Syrian Army soldiers was an accident. One way to determine whether it was would be to examine all the other attacks by U.S. planes that took place in that area. My prediction: the attack on the Syrian Army position was not part of any action where U.S. planes also hit ISIS positions in the vicinity. This was a targeted strike and no other U.S.

If analysis of bomb fragments shows it was not U.S. ordnance, so be it. But, at this point, I don't for a minute believe it wasn't. Everything the U.S. is doing in Syria is premised on lies and illegal activity.

[1] "Did Members of the US-Led Coalition Carry Out an Air Strike to Help ISIS? Russia Implies They Did. Russian statement appears to implicate aircraft from two member states of the US led coalition in the air strike on the Syrian military base in Deir az-Zor." By Alexander Mercouris, Russian Insider, 12/9/15.
[1] "Six points to remember about the true origins of the Syria crisis as Europe obediently lines up for war with Russia." By Off Guardian, 12/4/15 (italics added).

H/t: Russian Insider.

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