Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More on the why of Syria.

I have never, thus far, seen a war the ruling elite clearly wanted to happen not happen.

Here, as in all other cases, there has been a bit of hand-wringing, some crying, some protests, some moving speeches. But like the morality plays of medieval times, after enjoying the sermon dressed as entertainment, life has inevitably carried on as normal with the barons raping and pillaging and everyone else having to put up with that reality.

Destruction of Syria is the plan

This time the plan – at least judging from the outcomes – is to destroy Syria.

Syria has been anathema to the self-appointed arbiters of righteousness: the ‘international community’, that coterie of hypocrites which arrogates to itself the monopoly on meting out death to those who won’t get with the program.

This group dislikes Syria which has had an uncompromising stance towards Israel and an independent financial system, and is using the chance to destroy it to flood Europe with refugees, thus further debasing the makeup of its constituent nations, and simultaneously justifying a lockdown in those countries.[1]

It's not true that Assad has had an uncompromising stance toward Israel. However, I think it's obvious that the flooding of Europe with refugees (and parasitic economic migrants) is deliberate. The flood could be stopped in an instant, but isn't. People intend the natural consequences of their actions.

[1] "Why Is the West Falling Over Itself to Bomb Syria? In 2003 the US nearly followed its Iraq invasion with an invasion of Syria - 12 years later all the mayor western powers are bombing targets in Syria but ostensibly this has nothing with their Damascus regime change goals they never stopped espousing." By Sam Gerrans, RT Question More, 12/7/15.

H/t: Russian Insider.


Reg T said...

The muslim barbarians occupying Gaza - ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas and the multi-millionaire we have made of Abbas with US taxpayer's hard-earned money - has held "an uncompromising stance towards Israel" for lo, these many years. And yet, we have not attacked them. Neither has Israel, who has every right to do so, beyond the occasional raids or airstrikes to retaliate for rocket attacks launched upon the people and land of Israel.

The prime reason for trying to dispossess Assad of his position as the head of state of Syria is because he - like Gaddafi and Mubarak - stand in the way of the universal caliphate that Obama and the leaders of most of Europe want to install in the Middle East and their own countries. Obama would love to have _that_ as his legacy, not just in Dearborn, Michigan, but from "sea to shining sea".

For those who doubt this, you have only to look at the acceptance of hundreds of thousands of jihadis in Europe with open arms from the EU government and so many of the deluded subjects of those countries in the EU.

If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I could hardly believe so many European women, mostly young, would welcome their own muslim rapists with shining eyes and empty brains. Will they realize their mistake when they are being gang-raped by the young muslims flooding Europe?

Col. B. Bunny said...

That is the plan. Some see it as a NATO-backed plan to destabilize the whole M.E. not least for control of oil, though I don't quite get why we have to control the oil. We already do after a fashion. I'm sure Saudi desires entire into NATO's plans.

I agree Assad is the target of Obama and the oligarchy because he IS popular and a decent ruler. The killings in and refugees from Syria would not have occurred if we'd kept our crooked hands off.

Whatever we are doing in the M.E. is indecent in my view and you are correct to add in the examples of Gaddafi and Mubarak.

Western nations simply can't stay stupid like this indefinitely. Still, as I say to the point of tiresomeness, Western electorates will NOT support politicians who are clearly patriots and who have realistic views about Islam and immigration. Le Pen is said to have made inroads in the provincial elections last Sunday but she can, and probably will, be ganged up on by moronic supporters of Sarkozy and the Socialists.