Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Really Quickies: Anachronism By Typo

     In a long but worthwhile article about U.S-Islamic relations throughout American history, specifically in the section about President Thomas Jefferson’s entreaties to the Barbary pirates before he authorized Decatur’s expedition, I found this most excellent typo:

     They sent peace missions laden with gifs...

     Why GIFs? Hadn’t JPGs been invented yet? Or were the Berbers fixated on lossless compression?


  1. The Joe Martin Jr. family has a busy holiday schedule not I want to wish all the readers here at Liberty's Torch a most joyous Christmas and the best of luck in the New Year! (Heaven knows we're going to need it!)

  2. We wanted moving pictures...
     - Mulay Ahmed Muhamed Raisuli the Magnificent, sherif of the Riffian Berbers.
    (sorry, Fran; I couldn't help it)

  3. The Berbers _were_ fixated on compression, but it involved loss. Often just above the shoulders.
    Sound familiar?


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