Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's all just pretext.

Just as the US has done in Syria, using ISIS as a pretext to involve itself directly and militarily in the Syrian conflict without ever actually fighting ISIS, Saudi Arabia is seeking to create a plausible cover story to do the same.[1]
ISIS toads burned a captured pilot alive. And at least three others were hung by chains and burned alive. ISIS beheadings are lovingly photographed and distributed on the web.

If that isn't satanic, what is? Yet, we only pretend to fight them and we still will not cut off their funding by destroying the oil tankers in Syria and Iraq. We still smile smugly as the Saudis and Qataris provide ISIS and the al Qaida forces with cash. What have we become? The acts I've described are unspeakably cruel but the ultimate dishonor is our refusal to change our policy and, finally, speak the anathema long since overdue. We have become numb to the reality of evil.

It's all just been a lie. It marks U.S. leaders as the most dishonorable men and women on the planet after ISIS itself. One cannot be allied with ISIS and be other than indecent and unclean. To state it delicately, there's no clean end of this that you can pick up.

This is justified because we're really after Pres. Assad. Why exactly Bashar al-Assad is a serious threat to the security of the United States is something that has yet to be laid out by Obama. But the servile American press cry crocodile tears over Assad's barrel bombs as though it were some new height of depravity. Which it isn't. And when hundreds of thousands of Syrians are killed in battles that would never have been fought had not the U.S. undertaken to sponsor a war against Assad, well, that's Assad's fault because he chose to fight the God-forsaken Western "coalition" instead of meekly roll over because Obama has a wish to dabble in The Great Game. Punahou boy makes good.

On top of which, the disgrace of our doing this doesn't seem to bother the Republicans. Nothing bothers those time servers, back scratchers, and Chamber of Commerce lap dogs. But wait! The likelihood of a Trump presidency fills them with horror so they're not without emotion.

There's that, I suppose.

[1] "Saudi "Anti-Terror Coalition" a Facade to Hide Yet More Terrorism." By Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook, 12/30/15.

H/t: Land Destroyer.


Reg T said...

Assad is only a threat to Obama's desire to assist Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood in taking over the governing of every country in the Middle East, INCLUDING Israel, which is why he continues to call ISIS "ISIL", the L standing for the Levant, which includes Israel. Obama would experience a greater pleasure from having Israel overtaken by the Muslim Brotherhood than he does from gay sex. Not only would Netanyahu and those "filthy (in his opinion) Jews" be driven from their land, but it would bring the world that much closer to a universal caliphate. A universal caliphate where every "beardless boy" (bacha bereesh) could experience the "pleasures" he most likely enjoyed during his boyhood time in Indonesia, where he learned his "love" of islam and muslims.

The creature who made an actual decision to let Ambassador Stevens be raped, burned over much of his body, and be cattle-prodded on his genitals for over seven hours until he died is currently the Commander-In-Chief of all of our military forces. Clinton had a part in it, but only the Command Authority of the C-I-C could order the generals to withhold their forces, generals who were ready to send military help to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and the four men who were murdered by muslim militants in Benghazi that night.

When CNN or other mainstream media sources claim we could not have gotten military aid to those men in time, they are lying their scum-sucking faces off, as F/A-18s could have been there within 20 minutes, and helicopters with troops in two hours or less responding from ITALY, let alone units that might have been closer. Obama could have requested help from Israel, which would have been happy to respond, if he didn't hate them for preventing muslims from taking over of their country.

Obama wants Assad to go just as he made sure Gaddafi and Mubarak were removed. That is why he has been aiding ISIL/ISIS in their fight alongside the Syrian rebels against Assad.

The Republicans are like dogs who roll over onto their backs and wet themselves to display their submission to almost everything the Democrats and the Left want. Elitist ass-hats like McCain have no desire to contest or fight the Democrats, because they want the same things. They used to care about how they went about achieving those same ends, but now they simply bend over for the Left and let them have their way. I like Cruz, but he doesn't trust himself enough to say what he really believes, as Trump seems willing to do (if he really does - I'm not totally convinced, except that he isn't a politician, so I can't automatically assume he is lying, like the rest of them).

Drew said...

I would argue ISIS is more honorable than US leaders.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, I can't add anything much to what you said. The madness of "regime change" continues to motivate U.S. policy. It's all bogus having more to do, some argue, with our determination to protect the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Drinking the Saudis' and Qataris' bath water enters into it as well, not to mention the Israelis'.

It makes no sense at all to destroy the one government that's capable of dealing with ISIS but that's been our policy exactly. Everything about our putative president is bizarre and it's not surprising that his foreign policies are inexplicable by any ordinary calculus of American interests.

I mentioned some destroyers being available in an earlier post of mine on Benghazi. Investors' Business Daily reported they were off the Libyan coast but were never used. TMK, those ships were never mentioned elsewhere as being realistically available to our guys and it's fishy that that is the case. All the more disgraceful if they could have been used but weren't.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Kell, I can at least respect ISIS for its apparent fighting ability though how hard it is to "fight" when the U.S. is only pretending to oppose you and, in fact, is actually supporting you? Turkey is also a huge help to them. So maybe it's not as effective as I have assumed. What ISIS does in its spare time is atrocious though I am sure that is not what you are referring to.