Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Self defense is not complicated.

Great fit for Denver or Biloxi.
The core of their [Muslims'] religion DEMANDS a violent response, not just to bombings, but to insult or simple non compliance. We are to extend the benefit of the doubt to those who practice a moderate version of a violent religion, and we should, but only to the extent that it does not put our society, our families at risk. If Muslims can legitimately demand that people praise Allah or die, we should be able to equally demand that they REJECT ALLAH or stay the fuck out. Religious freedom my ass. WE are free to believe whatever we like, only so long as it is not directly threatening others. We all have as a fundamental right, even exceeding our freedom of beliefs and speech, the right of self defense. And that does not mean we must wait until we have their blade at our neck. What they offer is not an idle threat as it has been well demonstrated around the world. I say fuck these people. If they cannot silence and quell the murderous anger that their most righteous followers hold dear, then they should perish with them.
Comment by Oldwood on "Trump Demands "Total & Complete" Shutdown Of Muslims Entering America: Full Recording Of Trump's South Carolina Rally." By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 12/7/15 (emphasis added; link may not open to exact page on which comment is located).


Reg T said...

We do not allow religious freedom in America, if you are Christian or Jewish or any other sect besides muslim. Are the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints allowed more than one wife? No. They have been denied that facet of their religion for many years now, so strongly that _their_ Prophet came out with a word from their G-d that polygamy was no longer acceptable to Him.

Yet, here in our very own cities, muslim males have been allowed multiple wives, and have been receiving financial aid from state welfare agencies for those multiple wives. The media won't trumpet it the way they would if it was any other religious group (like Koresh at Waco) where polygamy was being practiced.

Loretta Lynch, who is continuing the behavior of Holder in refusing to prosecute "my people", has adopted America's muslim demographic jihadis as "my people" as well. So, even though she is willing to illegally prosecute American citizens for speaking out against islam and muslims, she refuses to prosecute muslims for speaking out against America, democracy, liberty, and all Americans who are not muslims. She (and the muszzie-lover-in-Chief) have decided unilaterally that declaring that muslims should be expelled from, or refused entrance to, America is far worse than those same muslims calling for the destruction of America and the killing of her citizens.

Col. B. Bunny said...

We are beginning to see the depth of the hatred those people have for their fellow citizens. Obama is like Dr. Strangelove whose hand had a will of its own. Obama can't resist his inner demon that whispers in his ear "they are contemptible." Hence the two pictures you see and the finger up side his head is NO accident. He can't help himself.