Monday, October 28, 2019

Conquering the Popular Media

Trump has done a masterful job with Twitter - which is NOT generally well-suited to long, logical arguments, but to quips, ripostes, and graphically-assisted sarcasm.

But, the Non-Left is falling behind on the other parts of the media culture:

  • Television
  • Music
  • Books
  • Newspapers/Online Media
  • Public appearances at venues controlled by Leftists, such as colleges, libraries, and other places of public gatherings
  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - have all successfully de-platformed Non-Leftists
Now, some parts of the media are slowly being attacked - some quite successfully. The Hallmark Channel, HMC, and Pixl are all examples of channels showing traditional values within a mainstream model. Other parts, such as subscription audio and video channels, have managed to not only reach a larger audience, but to provide some financial support to their creators.

The increasing trend to 'cut the cable' may end up in Non-Leftists' favor - we have a history of working lean and mean, and have already established an audience base. Not only does the Left not know what to do outside of the traditional media, but they are hampered by their outsize budgets, financial liabilities, and unwillingness of the "stars" to work for less.

I'm linking to a content provider who makes a case for having Conservative foundations and think tanks provide some help to increase media options for Non-Leftists, and helping creators get off the ground. That assistance might be seed money, opportunities to network, or just some free publicity/promotion. But, it's clearly in their interests to help them get break out of obscurity. In the process, they may find a new direction for their educational efforts.

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