Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dude. It's an ONLINE POLL

Would I be surprised if the existence of the poll were known BEFORE it was posted?

Would I be surprised if those responding (the ones that weren't bots) were Leftists?

Would I be surprised if this poll is what is known as a "push poll" - that is, one that is NOT reflective of true opinions, but simply designed to "nudge" the public to jump on the bandwagon?

I'm kind of amazed that the Usual Suspects haven't quite caught on to the fact that The Deplorables aren't as ignorant, easily led, and conforming as The Elite (TM) would HOPE we were?

Get a clue, guys. The New World of Information is upon us - has been for some time. The Tired Old Media (TOM) no longer control what is permitted to reach our ears.


BTW - it's not that I'm that crazy about Trump. Hell, even his best friends would have to admit that he has flaws - a lot of them.

It's just that voting for him next year will be a giant FU to the Ruling Elite.


daniel_day said...

Linda, did you intend to include a link to the poll you're talking about here?

Linda Fox said...

Yes, I did. I'll get right on that.