Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Media Pile-On

     Among the great unanswered questions among Biblical scholars is whether the three synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke – were founded on a common source. Matthew and Mark were acquainted with Jesus while He lived; Luke’s connection to the Redeemer and the Twelve is less clear. A common source, sometimes referred to as “Q,” would explain the consistency among the three synoptic narratives. It would also invite exploration of “Q’s” identity and his relation to Jesus.

     The historicity of Jesus is well established. The several attempts to debunk the key elements of the Gospel narrative – His preaching around the Sea of Galilee; His entry into Jerusalem; His Passion and Resurrection – have all failed. And of course, nearly all His Apostles, and many other Christian preachers who learned from them, went to their deaths rather than renounce their faith in and advocacy of Him. In combination, those items make it possible for Christian believers to feel secure that the acceptance of Christianity doesn’t require the acceptance of a provable falsehood.

     At this point my Gentle Readers might think they’re reading a midweek Rumination that lacks the “Rumination” tag. Actually, it’s not so. I have a quite different point in mind.

     The historicity of Vice President Joseph Biden’s successful strong-arming of the government of Ukraine is irrefutably established. (See the video embedded here.) The suggestion by President Trump that Ukraine reopen its Burisma investigation in cooperation with American authorities is also well established – and entirely legitimate, despite the opposed representations of the increasingly panicky Democrats. Everything is exposed to public scrutiny in its raw form...except for the literal text of Biden’s extortion play; for that little matter, we have to take his word.

     Thus, it would appear that the facts are fully in support of President Trump’s actions and representations. But soft! What light through yonder Handmaiden-Media window breaks?

     Apparently, it's not just enough to attack President Trump anymore.

     The mainstream media are doing their level best to attack anyone defending Trump, too. They've got venom to burn, and nowhere was it more obvious than on the Sunday talk shows.

     As leftists and anti-Trumpsters glide right through interviews with zero probing, Trump-defenders, in contrast, are getting the third degree.

     Just look at how bad it was over the weekend. Here's a list.

     Please, please read it all. Follow the embedded links. Watch the videos. This is vital stuff, not mere entertainment. It reveals the Handmaiden Media’s wholesale enlistment in the Anti-Trump legions and delineates their part of the strategy for taking him down.

     The war for the future of the Republic hasn’t gone into armistice. It continues to rage as virulently as ever.

     There’s a lot of pessimism in the air just now. Mostly it’s people in the Right lamenting that “it’s too late” to save the country from the clutches of the would-be tyrants. I can’t see it. As long as there’s a nucleus of patriots willing to keep fighting, ultimate victory is not impossible – and there are still a lot of decent Americans willing to keep fighting.

     The Handmaiden Media don’t want you to know that. That’s why they’ve piled onto President Trump’s defenders and advocates. They think that if they can delegitimize the people most visibly active in his support, his popular base will crumble away. I doubt it, but it’s not their strategy, it’s theirs.

     The Ukraine gambit is just the Democrats’ latest throw of the dice. It has no more validity than the old “Russian collusion” and “obstruction of justice” claims. Indeed, the government of Ukraine is solidly in President Trump’s corner. Better yet, Rudy Giuliani has acquired affidavits from two of the principals in the Ukraine matter that attest to Biden’s corrupt use of his office. Note that George Stephanopoulos strained to deflect attention from those affidavits with unsubstantiated allegations that those Ukrainian prosecutors are themselves corrupt...and Giuliani didn’t retreat by as much as a millimeter.

     Looks like the Ukraine dice have come up snake eyes. But that doesn’t mean the Democrats won’t try to rake in the chips as if they’d rolled a seven. That’s why we have to remain engaged.

     The first of the 2020 primaries are drawing near. The campaign season is about to enter high gear. As wearying as all the Sturm und Drang has been, this is no time to retreat. Remain attentive, and do what you can to get others to be attentive as well. We have a nation to protect.



The issue on the Left's attacks on Trump is, IMHO, ***NOT*** facts or logic or evidence or reason or history.

The issue is public perception. By filling the airwaves nonstop until the election, they intend to so fatigue the public with this that they'll vote "D" just to make it stop.

Pascal said...

Fellow Readers, please listen for about minute from where I've queued up in this video.


Our Curmudgeon Emeritus is not bamboozled by language [in general] either.

What's the Latin phrase for giving credit where credit is due?

Linda Fox said...

I'm getting a case of whiplash from shaking my head in disbelief.