Sunday, October 6, 2019

Disgraceful irony.

The disgraceful irony is that while Russia is constantly accused, without evidence, of interfering in other countries, the abundant, irrefutable proof is the opposite: Washington and its Western allies have an incessant habit of violating and destabilizing nations and regions in presumed zero-sum geopolitical games.[1]
This is really an amazing time in our American national life. The ruling class pore over the chicken guts that supposedly illuminate perfidious Russian interference in the 2016 election. Technically, the point of haruspicy was to divine the future but there was, for present purposes, the element of intense, wise examination of, well, chicken guts. An appropriate image for what passes for national media exercises in analysis and commentary.

All the while millions of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation poured in, astronomical "speaking fees" flowed into Clinton pockets, and princely sums of money entered the bank account of Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Inter alia.

Hillary herself pointed out in choice words that after "we" arrived in Libya its national leader was killed and she showed what pleasure she took in this achievement. Does "interference" describe that? Or "murder"?

"Strain at a gnat but swallow a camel" doesn't begin to describe ruling class hypocrisy here.

[1] "Western Zero-Sum Geopolitics Is A Dead-End." Editorial, Strategic Culture Foundation, 10/4/19.

H/t: ZeroHedge.



I firmly believe - DS machinations aside - that one of the reasons the Left is so over-the-top about Russia Russia Russia is that Trump and Putin both understand the threat of Islam.

This "conspired with Russia" nonsense is just another way for the Left to advance Islam because it prevents the two nations from cooperating.

Andy Texan said...

Make a long proscription list and arrest them all for conspiracy to overthrow the government of the USA. The time has arrived. Do it them before they can do it to us. A stark choice but there it is. NO OPTION.