Tuesday, October 1, 2019

If This Should Disappear...

     ...you’ll know that “the fix is in:”

     That video clip is at the heart of the “Ukraine scandal” the Democrats are frantic to reverse and aim at President Trump. The goods are there; you only have to watch and listen.

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"Whataboutism". That's what they're already saying. I recently saw a leftie meme of a guy collapsed in a heart attack and "Conservatives when told to defend Trump without referring to Democrats" (or some such).

Until we come to grips - and I think Francis is "there" as well as Linda and Col. Bunny - with the fact that the Left has no honor, no decency, and no morality, we're definitely doomed.

They want power, BAMN. They're MISSIONARIES bent on creating a global Socialist utopia and, heedless of truth, dignity, G-d, or anything, they're going to do it. Because they're smarter than we are.

This is why charges of hypocrisy don't stick. They don't care about our opinions. They care only about their fellows' opinions... ours matter not. With some of them you can see the disdain dripping in every word they say or write.

When your goal is the elimination of poverty, war, hatred, hunger... and you truly believe you can... anything that stands in your way is EVIL.

In their eyes, WE are that evil.