Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Quickies: Some Mandatory Reading From Other Sources

     Forgive me, Gentle Readers. I’m facing one of those days yet again, and I have to get into motion immediately. However, I have a few citations from other writers for you to enjoy and ponder:

     Back tomorrow, I hope.

“Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
If the miseries don't get you,
The blackberry julep spring tonic (with the persimmon sap) must.”

(From Deputy Dawg of loving memory.)

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RE being tired. Victory Girls also has a piece:

I'd realized a while ago what one of the points of this relentless, never-ending attack was: to both demoralize the Right* and to so disgust the American public that they vote "D" just to make it stop.

* As Rush noted yesterday, it's far easier to be in the minority; all the perks of the job, but no responsibility or having to make hard decisions - while the enemedia write laudatory paens about you having "grown" in your position. What does it matter that the country falls around you?